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Month: November 2015

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ISO 27001:2013 4.1 – Understanding The Organisation & Its Context

Welcome to the first in our blog series, Over the coming weeks our CEO will share his insights on how we handled our own successful ISO 27001:2013 implementation. There’s no better place to start than at the beginning: 4.1 – Understanding the organisation & its context.

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Blueprint for an online ISMS? We’ve got it covered.

It’s always great to receive feedback on a newly launched product and we couldn’t have been more pleased when Blueprint IS in Australia picked-up our press-release and made contact.

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10 Of The Most Shocking 2015 Information Security Facts

It certainly has been a tough few weeks for businesses’ information security. Following this I thought it might be worth sharing 10 stomach-churning facts about information security.

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200,000 reasons to care about supply chain information security

If you were not convinced about the importance of managing your supply chain and assuring its approach to information security, how about a £200k fine to improve your focus?

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