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Month: January 2016

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Targeting public sector sales in 2016? Aim high with G-Cloud

If you have identified the UK public sector as a potential new market for your services then you will doubtless have come across ‘G-Cloud’ and the Government’s Digital Marketplace. If your eyes ‘clouded-over’ at the mere hint of government procurement then stay with us while we demystify it and demonstrate how to win on G-Cloud.

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Looking to improve staff engagement in information security?

The marketing department can teach us a lot about onboarding. Whilst they work hard to ensure a user’s first impression leads to engagement, the same objective should be considered by an employer during the HR onboarding process. Creating the right first impression for new staff is crucial for employers.

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Gone Phishing – The need for an effective response to security incidents

Hacked email accounts are frustrating but maybe we underestimate the dangers in having our email address and password stolen. But what do cybercriminals do with them?

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Nightmare on Cyber Street – managing the risks of remote working

The mere names associated with cyber threats warn of their malicious nature and give you a bad case of the heebie-jeebies. However, this is no nightmare, it’s reality and it seems the threats are getting more serious, more regular and have more costly consequences.

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Don’t leave me this way – how to get it right with an employee exit framework

I’m an 80’s girl and couldn’t help The Communards hit of ‘86, ‘Don’t leave me this way’ popping into my head whilst I was enjoying a recent article from IT Governance regarding the threats posed by exiting employees.

Silly really as in many cases it’s not a case of unrequited love, quite the contrary with an employee and/or company often feeling more than a little disgruntled.

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Disruptive Technology for Law Firms – Opportunity or Threat?

Another informative article by The Raconteur (these guys are good!) on 26th November. New technologies disrupting the legal sector (Law firms look set to update their technology systems in a bid to steal a competitive edge over laggards who fail to see changing business needs) by Michael Cross.

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