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Month: January 2016

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Targeting public sector sales in 2016? Aim high with G-Cloud

January is the month for new year resolutions and businesses are no different.Instead of losing weight and getting fit, organisations are more likely to be looking at gaining market share… Keep reading >

Looking to improve staff engagement in information security?

Learn some onboarding lessons from marketersThe marketing department can teach us a lot about onboarding. Whilst they work hard to ensure a user’s first impression leads to engagement, the same… Keep reading >

Gone Phishing – The need for an effective response to security incidents

Last week CSO Online reported yet another security breach, this time on the other side of the pond. An estimated 320,000 Time Warner Cable residential customers, using Time Warner as… Keep reading >

Nightmare on Cyber Street – managing the risks of remote working

My first day back at my desk on Monday this week and I almost scared myself to death reading this interesting article on cybercrime in 2015. The mere names associated… Keep reading >

Don’t leave me this way – how to get it right with an employee exit framework

I’m an 80’s girl and couldn’t help The Communards hit of ‘86, ‘Don’t leave me this way’ popping into my head whilst I was enjoying a recent article from IT… Keep reading >

Disruptive Technology for Law Firms – Opportunity or Threat?

Another informative article by The Raconteur (these guys are good!) on 26th November. New technologies disrupting the legal sector (Law firms look set to update their technology systems in a… Keep reading >