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Month: August 2016

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It’s not just safeguarding of people required, it’s their data too

At a time when every penny counts, the people of Hampshire will be ruing the £100k fine placed on their County Council by the ICO.  What other services could be compromised to pay that penalty?  

The fine came about because highly sensitive information about adults and children was found in confidential waste paper bags in a building. So what can be done to avoid situations like that in future?

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Made it to G-Cloud 8? But are you attractive enough to win business?

Congratulations to all those who got on the latest G-Cloud 8 framework!

According to Gov.UK, it has attracted the highest number of new suppliers than any other previous iteration of the G-Cloud Framework.

G8 went live on the Digital Marketplace on 1st August so let the competition for new business begin!

Yes, the bad news is that making it on to G-Cloud 8 was the easy bit.

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