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Month: December 2016

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An ISMS is for life not just for Christmas

Ensure your ISMS delivers long after the last unwanted gift has been discarded

Sensible CTO’s have been compiling their Christmas lists for some time.

There’s no time quite like the start of a new year to set business objectives and goals and embark on fresh projects that will bring about positive business improvements.

And, with security incidents now costing UK organisations an average of £2.6million, up 53% from 2015*, what better reason for placing information security at the top of the agenda in 2017.

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Santa baby, put an ISMS under the tree for me…

I’ve been an awful good girl (or boy!). And an auto convertible really isn’t that much use to me as it probably wouldn’t fit in the multi-storey car parks here.

But if you are in any doubt over the validity of that first statement, or you are simply past believing in Santa Claus, then the best way of ensuring you get something really useful this Christmas is to gift it to yourself.

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Looking for funding, mergers & acquisitions or an exit in 2017? Better sort your ISMS!

Yahoo is the latest example of how cyber security impacts a business.  Not just in terms of threatened fines from regulators, loss of business and reputation, or hikes in insurance premiums, but in damaging exit value for shareholders.

So, if you are interested in future investment, mergers and acquisitions, or perhaps an exit of your business, then passing due diligence on cyber and information security is a must. Otherwise your final deal value might cost you a helluva lot more than a practical ISMS.  

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The CIO / CTO’s Information Security Wish List for 2017

With EU GDPR high on every organisations priority list in 2017, there can be few CIO’s and CTO’s not considering its impact on business performance and the broader information security landscape.

We understand the time and budget pressures you’re constantly under so we’re going to help you spec an integrated ISMS solution to add to your wish list.  It will make your life a whole lot easier and allow you to enjoy your Christmas, new year and every day thereafter.

Hopefully, of course, you are on Santa’s ‘well behaved’ list (you may soon find out as we’ve heard he’s considering to help manage his subject access requests!). If so, you may be really lucky and discover a set of handy tools to make implementing and maintaining your ISMS that much easier as you also concentrate on other parts of the day job.

But, to be absolutely sure you get the right information, we’ve provided a breakdown of what to request and even provided a letter template with a direct link to the big man himself…

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Boomerang throws itself into for information security success

Alliantist announces another new customer for its cloud delivered information security management software service Boomerang Messaging provides automated digital communications over SMS, e-mail and voice, enabling management of time critical alerts and notifications.

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