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Month: March 2017

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Bob means Business when it comes to information security by partnering with


Bob’s Business, the cyber security awareness company, and, the secure cloud delivered Information Security Management System (ISMS) service, announce they are working together.

Melanie Oldham, Director and Founder of Bob’s Business shared her thoughts behind the alliance.

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G-cloud 9 data security: beyond the lollipop lady

Advice Cloud offer organisations expert help with their UK G-Cloud submissions. This week they interviewed Alliantist CEO, Mark Darby for his thoughts on the public sector’s growing need for data security assurances….

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G Cloud 9 sets a new benchmark for information security requirements

The UK Government has recognised some of its biggest information security risks come through the supply chain and G Cloud 9 is the first serious framework vehicle aiming to address that challenge. Clauses 12, 13 and 16 in the G Cloud 9 call off contract focus on information security. In the main framework agreement clause … Continued

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Yahoo! Information security management gets personal

There is always a price to pay for poor information security management.

Yahoo paid that price and reacted by penalising those individuals it held personally accountable.

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Medical software company selects ISMS software for infosec excellence

Itémedical is a leading supplier of medical hardware and software in the Benelux. It is dedicated to improving patient care by providing user-friendly decision support systems.

Demonstrating excellence is paramount to Itémedical and is why it invests in maintaining relevant ISO standards, including for information security management. 

It’s also what led it to needing ISMS software,, where it discovered additional benefits.

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