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Month: October 2020

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Meet’s Monsters of Infosec

Halloween’s here, the spookiest time of year. That set us thinking about our favourite monsters. They have a lot in common with the infosec challenges we help our clients face… Keep reading >

Monsters of Infosec: Frankenstein’s monster

#04 Frankenstein’s monster: A mad scientist in a castle, building a person from spare parts. What could possibly go wrong? Keep reading >

Monsters of Infosec: Zombie horde

#32 Zombie horde: Zombies are unstoppable. They just keep coming and coming. There are far too many to fight off. You’ve just got to wait them out. Keep reading >

Monsters of Infosec: Werewolf

#18 Werewolf: The thing about werewolves is that you always know when they’re going to pop up. Every full moon, regular as clockwork, there’s some hairy, toothy wolfman on the… Keep reading >

Monsters of Infosec: Phantom

#12 Phantom: Unfinished business in the past leads to undead creatures bothering the present. That’s your average phantom for you. They’re pretty unsettling until you realise what they’re trying to… Keep reading >

Monsters of Infosec: Vampire

#21 Vampire: Vampires are terrifying. But they’re also charming. That’s because most of them can only enter your house if you invite them in. Keep reading >

5 top tips for achieving ISO 27001 Certification

Follow the path laid out by Sam Peters, our Head of Production and Operations, for a straightforward journey to certification success. Keep reading >

Let’s help the government Excel

The UK government’s data management during the pandemic has received a lot of bad press. However, valuable lessons are being learned. Keep reading >