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Month: November 2020

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Building stable, secure supplier relationships with ISO 27001

If you ask Mark Graham, our ISO Standards head, about the benefits of ISO 27001, there’s one point he always ends up making. ISO 27001, and in fact the whole… Keep reading >

How to avoid disastrous assumptions with ISO 27001 Clause 9

Many professional learnings are only really useful in the business world. But there’s one principle that helps me in every part of my life, from getting the kids to school… Keep reading >

How to develop an asset inventory for ISO 27001

Introducing Asset Inventory  You have to create an inventory of your organisation’s information assets to: Build an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) Achieve ISO 27001 compliance or certification… Keep reading >

Looking after your information assets the ISO 27001 way

​ISO 27001 is all about information security. So people usually think it’s IT focussed. Up to a point, that’s true. But working through the standard can have much wider implications.… Keep reading >