Month: December 2020

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That one big after-Christmas task which creates surprising privacy issues

It’s that strange time between Christmas and New Year, when everything goes quiet and hardly anyone’s around. It’s one of our favourite moments, because it’s a great time for taking stock. You can have a breather, look back at 2020 and forwards to 2021.

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A stocking full of infosec

As infosec specialists, we’re in awe of Santa Claus. He runs one of the planet’s largest, most effective and most public data gathering and management systems. And every single year, bang on time, he turns all that data into festive joy for millions of children worldwide.It’s an amazing achievement.

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Why “A Christmas Carol” is really a catalogue of infosec disasters

Christmas is on its way! We’re looking forward to a bit of tinselly cheer after the endless challenges of 2020. And that’s turned our thoughts to festive classic “A Christmas Carol”, its endlessly challenging anti-hero, Ebeneezer Scrooge, and his terrible information security.

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