Month: May 2021

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How to maintain your ISO 27001 certification

Even with the best help and support available, achieving ISO 27001 certification is a challenging process. It takes time, effort and real organisational commitment. So once you’ve succeeded, it can be tempting to celebrate and then just stop thinking about it all.

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How the Colonial Pipeline hack makes the case for ISO 27001

We’ve already talked briefly about last week’s Colonial Pipeline hack. It’s one of the most impactful ransom attacks in history. Even the hackers, DarkSide, felt they had to apologise for its huge unintended consequences. Now it turns out that they were apologising all the way to the bank. Their victims have paid them a five million dollar ransom.

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Meet Luke Dash, our new Chief Revenue Officer

The right solution to any problem is only actually useful if the right people know you have it and understand how it can help them. That’s something we’re very aware of. So we’ve appointed Luke Dash as our Chief Revenue Officer. He’s going to help us reach more customers more effectively with our own infosec, privacy and business continuity solution.

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