Build or upgrade your ISMS on our platform

Partnering opportunities for Innovation Centres & Enterprise Hubs

New business owners and entrepreneurs need the best advice at low cost

Smart leaders of innovation centres and enterprise business hubs want to ensure their tenants/members are well equipped for success around information security.

We know just how difficult it can be to get great advice at low cost on essential practices from staff in the innovation centres and hubs.

Information security is now one of those things that you need to do well the minute you startup, especially if you are delivering tech products or want to be trusted by your customers with their information.

But demonstrating information and cyber_security cyber security credentials is hard for a ‘newcomer’, especially when they have limited budgets and lots of other priorities. However, without an ISMS, or at least cyber essentials, the chances of business success are low so doing nothing is not an option.

For innovation centres and enterprise hubs that work with us we will invest in a programme of activities, ranging from educational webinars, start up focused solutions and an attractive commercial model that your customers would be unable to achieve alone.

Add into your recommended services portfolio and reap the rewards from having your innovators better prepared for future growth.