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ISO 27001 Case Study with CallSquad

CallSquad march to a fast UKAS ISO 27001 certification using

CallSquad achieve ISO 27001 using
Richard Heald
Founder & CEO

Richard Heald - Call Squad

The Challenge for CallSquad

Client requirements were providing a powerful driver for CallSquad to achieve ISO 27001 certification fast.

“We knew we had to achieve ISO 27001 certification quickly in order to satisfy an important customer and were completely committed to that. What we hadn’t realised was quite how much was involved” said CEO Richard Heald.

CallSquad had booked its Stage 1 audit, which was scheduled for a weeks time, and although confident in its security practices, it had very few policies formalised.

“We had previously taken some external guidance but later realised it was a very high-level overview and hadn’t equipped us to tackle the task ahead, especially as complete ISO 27001 novices.

Before calling it felt like we were trying to climb Mount Everest in flip-flops but we realised that finding their technology solution gave us the best fighting chance of ISO 27001 success”.

The Solution

The packages for accelerating ISO 27001 implementation were perfect for an organisation like CallSquad.

CallSquad’s decision was instant and was configured the very next day when we ran a kickoff webinar to get them started. We focused on the immediate priorities, setting some goals to achieve ahead of a support call with our expert three days later.

Tracy Awere, Operations Manager and ISO 27001 Lead for CallSquad said, “We knew that our Stage 1 would reveal some gaps but were happy that our chosen certification firm was understanding of that due to our size and scope.

However, in just one week we had made massive progress thanks to not just the platform but also the ISO 27001 Virtual Coach service and the support from the team.

We knew that with our hard work, and the help of the platform, we would be in a good place for our Stage 2 six weeks later.”

One of the benefits of the platform was that it supported CallSquad’s remote working “It was simple to assign activities to other members in the team with deadlines for completion and great to see our progress and what still remained outstanding. We didn’t have time to waste in gathering everyone together for meetings to agree things so the discussion and tasking areas in were really helpful. It also meant that all the evidence of our workings and reviews were captured in one online environment and could easily be shared with the auditor”.

The Journey

Information security has always been a key consideration and, with an impressive client base it was imperative to be able to demonstrate that with an ISO 27001 certification that would also support their growth plans.

Not only has CallSquad formalised its information security management but it now has an ISMS that needs minimal ongoing management having set-up to issue alerts and reminders of activities needing action.

Growth is calling for CallSquad and it is well-equipped thanks to its Information Security Management System.

As in most smaller organisations, CallSquad had no dedicated staff or internal expertise in managing the ISMS. As such, they found the frameworks and “non-techy”, pragmatic guidance in the pre-configured materials and Virtual Coach invaluable.

“From day one with the platform, we were able to get started with the Virtual Coach to guide us. The platform is configured with everything in its right section, with templates and natural nudges on what to do next. The links between relevant areas of the ISMS made it simple to follow and meant there was no need to duplicate things”.

Tracy admitted it would have been almost impossible to achieve without let alone in the timescales they were working to…

“The best thing was having everything structured to walk through it step by step, in one secure online place where all the required evidence could be captured. Trying to manage this in hundreds of documents in shared folders would have been a nightmare and taken way too long to structure anyway.

One of the unexpected benefits was the HR frameworks provided in They helped us demonstrate to the auditor that we were well equipped for growth, and have strengthened our business practices to boot.”

That’s why created packages to help organisations like CallSquad achieve their goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Customer Profile

Founded in 2014, CallSquad provides innovative and proven software as a service (SaaS) that helps companies and their teams scale outbound call campaigns efficiently.

CallSquad is a software and services company but with a growing shift towards its technology where some large enterprises look for security assurances by way of certified standards, such as ISO 27001:2013.

With a tight deadline they had set themselves, CallSquad quickly realised that gave them the best fighting chance of achieving its goals.

“ is a tremendous product that made the goal of ISO 27001 certification achievable despite the challenging timeframe we had set ourselves.”

Richard Heald – Founder & CEO, CallSquad

“Smaller organisations are increasingly being asked to demonstrate ISO 27001 certification. This is because of a need for satisfying large and powerful customers concerns about information and data protection in the supply chain.

CallSquad are serious about information security and wanted to show that they can be trusted. Meeting their objective of being UKAS certified for ISO 27001 in just weeks with no prior experience was going to be a major challenge. This is whilst still doing the day job and with no external consulting budget to call on. However, with their hard work and commitment, and offering a major head start and an easy place to get the work done, the result was achieved……..”

Julia Heron – ISMS Solutions Specialist, Alliantist, the organisation behind

Everyone we helped go for an ISO 27001 audit passed first time. You could too.
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