Safely move on from COVID-19 News Roundup – 19th December 2019

Florida city faces million dollar ransom demands by cyber attackers

This terrific report for ITV details how officials in Pensacola Florida have confirmed that the city was hit with a ransomware attack that interfered with the city’s computer network last weekend in an attempt for hackers to extort a $1 million ransom.

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Will quantum computing overwhelm existing security tech in the near future?

Help Net Security has posted this brilliant article explaining how according to Neustar research 54% of cybersecurity professionals have raised concerns that quantum computing would outstrip the advancement of other security technologies as well as the effect of quantum computing on existing security technology and how it influences the cybersecurity environment.

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A Year (and Decade) in Review: Key Takeaways From 2019 Cybersecurity Trends

In this great article for SecurityIntelligence, Douglas Bonderud describes how cybersecurity has changed over the past 10 years as well as drawing conclusions from cybersecurity developments in 2019 and how to use such takeaways from the last year and decade to strengthen the cybersecurity in 2020.

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10 cybersecurity stories in 2019 that make us feel less secure

As 2019 comes to an end, technology has continued to prove its versatility and resilience, particularly considering the number of security threats it faces, but despite this, we are still far from living in a world in which technology is secure. In this fascinating article for TechRepublic, Jack Wallen goes over 10 of the most significant cybersecurity attacks, hacks, tools and headlines of this year.

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Why sharing threat intelligence is vital to cybersecurity

In August of this year, the World Economic Forum stated that cybersecurity should be seen as in the public interest, therefore cybersecurity should be made more widely available to promote the development of culture as a whole. Martin Rudd explains how exchanging up-to-date threat knowledge puts pressure on cybercriminals to reduce their development time, in this insightful TechHQ article.

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The Certified Cyber Professionals pilot

Back in March, the National Cyber Security Center unveiled its Certified Cyber Professionals (CCP) project, which has been operating now for some time now. In this excellent NCSC article, Chris Ensor, the Deputy Director Cyber Skills and Growth, outlines several of the trends that arose from phase 1 of this scheme and what this could mean for the future ahead of phase 2 starting.

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New Orleans Cyber Security Attack: What We Know

Jess Clark outlines how more than 4,000 computers were hit by a ransomware attack targeting the New Orleans City Government on Friday, according to comments made by City Council President Helena Moreno, in this brilliant article for WWNO.

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End of an era: Chips with Everything

Jordan Erica Webber and Alex Hern revisit their favourite episodes from the last couple of years in the excellent final episode of the Guardian’s Chips with Everything, as well as exploring the development in technology and security over the past decade.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Could 2020 be the year of the cyber-vaccine?

The cyber-attack crisis is an ever growing threat as the probability of an attack naturally grows as the amount of data we carry rises. In this brilliant article released by ITProPortal, Campbell Murray discusses how 2020 looks bound to deliver more malicious attacks than any year before, and whether technology is approaching the point of full defence.

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Is your head in the clouds?

Cloud services have been one of the most substantial breakthroughs in the history of the internet over the past few years, as they now account for 85 per cent of all business web traffic. In this brilliant article for BCS, Paolo Passeri discusses how data protection can be navigated while using cloud services and three main routes to sustained success.

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How to prepare for software deployment & maintenance

Corporate executives and software engineers tend to focus most of their attention on the design and development of software engineering, but the deployment and maintenance stages are just as important. In this fantastic article for ITProPortal, Paul Azorín discusses how deployment and maintenance are crucial to software development as it ensures that the software continues to work properly.

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Government’s response to Digital Platforms Inquiry an opportunity to review international privacy standards

Lyndsie Clark describes how the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office said that the proposed amendments by the Australian Government to amend the 1988 Australian Privacy Act, which it believes covers important measures suggested by the ACCC and recommendations from its own office, are an opportunity to look into successful international frameworks in this wonderful article for Niche Publishers.

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FBI secretly demands a ton of consumer data from credit agencies. Now lawmakers want answers

Zack Whittaker discusses in this fascinating article for TechCrunch how the FBI has secretly demanded vast amounts of consumer and financial information from the biggest credit agencies in the U.S. for years, recently published reports have shown. Lawmakers have expressed concern as to why the vast majority of companies have failed to disclose the number of requests they received from the government.

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U.S.-India business groups plan to lobby for dilution of India’s privacy bill: sources

In this fascinating article, Aditya Kalra, for Reuters, explains how business groups including some of the world’s largest companies intend to pressure U.S. policymakers and Indian politicians to dilute aspects of the Indian privacy legislation that could threaten corporations.

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This popular presentation tool has some major security flaws

Anthony Spadafora details how security consultants found several vulnerabilities in a popular wireless presentation system, ClickShare, in this brilliant article for TechRadar. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to manipulate data during presentations, steal passwords and other private information, as well as configuring backdoors and other malware.

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LifeLabs hack may have compromised personal info of 15 million Canadians

This excellent Reuters article details how LifeLabs, a Canadian laboratory testing firm, announced on Tuesday that it had experienced a cyber attack that could have stolen some 15 million customers ‘ personal information, mainly in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.

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INSIGHT: Beyond the CCPA—Building a Privacy Framework for the Long Haul

As US privacy law progresses, companies need to build comprehensive and versatile privacy frameworks In this brilliant article for Bloomberg Law, Laura Koulet gives examples of how to assist businesses in developing a successful privacy framework for long-term success, while also reducing administrative costs and liabilities.

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