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Document Management


The Documents feature allows multiple versions of any type of file to be stored and shared on with ease. You can keep it simple and just store files, or use more of the advanced capability to version control changes, check in/out and other useful controls.  This guide will take you through how to use Documents on


Uploading a New Document

Click the ‘New document’ button from the documents tab within any of the Initiative areas. This will open the document upload screen and allow you to drag and drop documents you want to upload or click “Select Files” to browse your computer for one or more files to upload.

Once you have selected a document to upload you can click the ‘edit’ button next to the document name to add additional information such as the document category or version number. Click ‘post document’ to complete this process.

Edit document details

Once a document has been uploaded, if you have the correct permissions, you can easily edit it’s details. Do this by clicking the actions dropdown to the right of the document in the listing and choosing “details” (Note: if they only show download as an option you may not have the permissions* to change the document properties, or the document has been locked as part of a completed Project activity).

Check out a new version

Click the actions drop down as above, and choose ‘Check out’. You will be given the option to set yourself a deadline to check the document back in again. When you click the check out button the document will download to your computer, allowing you to make and save any changes as needed offline. A check in task is created for you and appears in your To-do list.

When you’re ready to check it back in again. Go back into your relevant document on and click ‘Upload in new version’ from the actions menu, select the file up upload and click post document.  Your check-in To Do is automatically completed.

Tip – You can use the description area to inform other users of what changes have been made.

Show previous versions

Once you’ve uploaded more than one version of a document, you can use the Show version drop down from the details screen to view previous versions of the document.


To edit, check out and check in, or delete a document, you will need to be either the uploader of the document or an administrator of the Initiative in which the document is housed.

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