Manage your ISMS requirements, policies and controls in one place is the secure, always-on cloud technology solution for your Information Security Management System.

With you can:

  • Get a head start with frameworks that meet standards such as ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, NIST Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials, PCI:DSS, PSN CoCo, Cloud Security Principles and more
  • Easily input information - create policies, controls and other information quickly
  • See progress and completion for your ISMS at all times
  • Work well with your team using built in collaboration features and visible audit trails with version control management
  • Follow an efficient approval process to demonstrate independent evaluation

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Get a head start using our frameworks

Our cloud technology comes pre-loaded with actionable policies and documentation frameworks.

For example, our framework for ISO:27001 policies and controls takes you up to 77% complete out of the box saving you huge amounts of time and cost.

Our frameworks help you with multiple standards such as:

  • ISO 27001:2013
  • Cyber Essentials
  • PSN Code of Conduct
  • NIST
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Cloud Security Principles 

Easily get information in

Use simple and effective note inputs to manage requirements and policies easily online.

Add supporting documents such as Word and PDF. You can easily version documents and describe changes.

Add or update policies at the click of a button and get reminders for reviews.

If you need help with the content itself we have an Adopt, Adapt, Add approach to ISMS that will make your life even easier too. Find out more...

Work well with your team

Discuss and collaborate with team members on your policies and progress.

Evidence policies and controls with notes.

Task others to get specific work done.

Assign policies to team members for completion.

Set due dates and reminders on work to keep your ISMS implementation on track and make future reviews really easy.

Follow an efficient approval process

Optionally setup an approval process for governance of work (which is required for ISO 27001:2013).

‘Lock-down’ policies to prevent changes once approved.

Easily reopen and change versions if required in future.

See updates as work gets done and avoid the need for wasting time with meeting updates and chasers. All actions are recorded for audit purposes.

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Learn how our Risk and Interested Party tools can help with:

- Information security risk management
- Applicable legislation management
- Interested parties management
- And more...

Find out about Tools...


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Manage risks and make sound decisions with simple, effective tools 

We've created a dynamic and interactive set of tools that takes you beyond the ineffective spreadsheet or costly stand alone applications to facilitate simple, consistent and effective risk working.

We’ve also included similar tools to manage applicable legislation and interested parties. All three tools come with proven, accredited methodologies and policies to adopt ‘straight-out-of-the-box’, plus content 'banks' to Adopt, Adapt or Add to, for significant time-savings.

Add risks, analyse & evaluate impact

Follow our ISO 27001:2013 accredited methodology for managing risk, simply adopting the policy we have written to accompany the tool.

It's easy to add risks from scratch or drawing down from our risk bank. We make it simple to analyse & evaluate each one for it’s impact on confidentiality, integrity and availability. 

Assign risk owners for accountability and work as a team in one secure place in the cloud.

View updates quickly and set review dates with reminders to land in your email inbox, meaning you never forget an important risk.

Treat risks and demonstrate evidence

Easily evidence treatment of each risk, where required linking to relevant policies & controls to keep the ISMS joined-up. If you've drawn down from our risk bank, we've even created those links to controls for you.

See your history and movement of risk over time to demonstrate the results of your treatment are working.

Save loads of time and hassle by working in one place with

Avoid inefficiency, cost and risk from buying multiple tools or trying to build your own solution when offers what you need for success at a price you can afford.

Manage Interested Parties

Interested Parties is a requirement in 4.2 of the ISO 27001:2013 standard. We've made that really easy with a stakeholder management tool, and  we'll include the policy methodology for you to adopt plus examples from a bank, to draw down and evaluate as required.

Plot 'power' and 'interest' levels for Interested Parties so you can quickly decide where to invest resources and what might just be noise.

Set reminder dates to ensure you review your Interested Parties for any changes that might impact your ISMS.

Support decision making and investment activity

Risk, applicable legislation and interested parties data are all highly visible, with attractive and easy to read formats.

Information is exportable too if desired, although like most of our customers you may prefer to work online dynamically.

It's in one secure online environment, always on to support fast, effective decision making and investment.

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Learn how to drive continual improvement through:

- Management reviews & audits
- Governance
- Monitoring objectives
- Managing corrective actions
- Undertaking improvements

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Evaluation and improvement

Deliver continual improvement with evaluation and performance management. Evidence governance and compliance with practical audits and management reviews, with corrective actions and improvements made easy too.

As an ISMS board member you'll be a busy senior manager. That's why we've made it simple to see your entire ISMS in one place where you and your colleagues can easily evaluate, measure and access information quickly to inform important decisions.

Undertake continual improvement

Evidence non-conformities and corrective actions and identify areas for continual improvement, meeting requirement 10 of ISO 27001:2013.

Add items with ease, assigning them to team members, categorising for relevant reporting and setting review dates to ensure speedy resolution.

Move items through the track to resolution quickly and easily.

Show your working.png

Add information and show your workings

Upload supporting documents and write-up notes with links to relevant policies, controls and tools to clearly evidence workings.

Task and discuss with others where required to ensure that everyone that needs to be involved can participate.

Work done creates a full audit trail as you go, saving time later when it comes to management meetings, reviews and audits.

Adopt practical and proven models for success

Use simple and editable frameworks for audits and management reviews, with accompanying policies to describe the approach.

Follow a standard agenda that keeps you compliant with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013, and also makes reviews simple yet effective.

It's easy to write-up and evidence workings, uploading supporting documents and findings.

Make recommendations from your results and link them to the Improvements Track.  Then easily align with changes to relevant policies and controls for an end-to-end integrated approach.


Monitor ISMS objectives through management reviews and ISMS Board activity.

Get an instant snapshot of ISMS Board activity & status for fast and effective management.

Don't wait for management reviews to update and collaborate.  Do it dynamically and save significant cost of senior management time from being caught up in meetings.

Use automated statistics and attractive dashboards reports to save time in measurement work. Optionally even set KPI's to measure & monitor effectiveness of your ISMS objectives.

Navigate and share, easily

Link your complete ISMS together to navigate it easily and reduce management overhead.

You can even share with your customers, suppliers, external advisors or auditors.

Manage all this remotely to reduce the unnecessary travel time and expense associated with physical meetings.

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Learn how to manage incidents through:

- Tracking of incidents, events and weaknesses
- Business continuity planning
- Disaster recovery planning

Find out about Incident management...


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Manage security incidents, events and weaknesses with fast, effective tracking 

A powerful and pragmatic approach to security incident management meeting control objective 16 of ISO 27001:2013.

Managing incidents couldn’t be simpler

Add incidents, events and weaknesses to a pre-configured Track that meets ISO 27001:2013.  It comes with a policy you can quickly adopt too.

Make categorising, assigning, tasking and deadline management easy, whether working alone or in a team.

You can evidence treatment as you move the item through the track to resolution.

Tracks are easy to customise and change too, so if you want to adapt the process it takes just seconds to do so.

image: open incident (85)

Manage and measure performance

Use filterable searches to easily measure performance by team member or category.

View security incident stats to effectively manage overall performance and drive improvements.

Move items to an easily retrievable archive to maintain a full audit trail of incident activity and treatment.

Easily customise settings

Customise Track settings in line with your own approach to security incident management.

Within seconds you can adapt categories, labels for statuses, colour coding and others.

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People are one of the biggest causes of security incidents.  

Learn how to use for staff communication & awareness of information security:

- Collaborate in groups
- Set tasks for compliance
- Improve learning and development

See how to engage staff through communication...

Good staff communication and awareness of information security

People are one of the biggest reasons for business success, and one of the biggest reasons for information security failure too.  It's no surprise to see them high on the list for information security management.

Whether you have 1 or 10,000 employees, enables cost effective engagement and awareness with staff, and given its secure cloud nature, trusted associates and your supply chain can easily be involved if desired too.

Communicate and share

Use groups to securely communicate and share information about your ISMS.

Broadcast auditable updates using notes, consult and collaborate on ISMS changes using visible and transparent discussions.

Enables group members to view and digest all the relevant policies and controls, staying aware and informed at all times.

Notify team members specifically on areas relevant to them. automatically generates emails and communications straight to their inbox, whilst evidencing communication for audit purposes.

Knowledge management becomes ingrained as a habit and corporate memory is cemented as people come and go.

Work with your team

Encourage staff participation by using an ISMS communications group for staff observations and recommendations for improvement.

Empower team members to create discussions, collaborate around solutions and evidence their findings.

Build engagement in information security by demonstrating their suggestions have brought about positive change.

Set tasks to get work done within deadlines

Task important changes for compliance and retain an audit trail of completion.

No more inefficient paper, spreadsheet or email to dos. Tasking is available throughout the platform to manage the completion of work within desired timescales.

Review completed and outstanding tasks, as an individual, by team or by work area.  Use the power of the platform to celebrate and commiserate! 

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Want something for the more personal aspects of HR?

For smaller organisations or teams who want to avoid expensive HR systems, for human resource security can deliver one or more of the following to comply with ISO 27001:2013:

- Complete screening and recruitment
- Inductions
- In-life compliance
- Training and personal development
- Exit and change

Find out about human resource security...

Effective human resource information security

Manage information security within HR through pre-built frameworks that save you time and effort during repeatable processes.

Avoid the cost of expensive HR systems whilst ensuring information security is considered at all stages of the HR life-cycle if you want to achieve ISO 27001: 2013.

HR with information security built-in

For those organisations that want to follow the ISO 27001: 2013 standard for HR but don't have or need a stand alone HR system, you can follow our simple frameworks.

Move across the lifecycle of screen and recruitment, induction, in-life development and when the time comes for exit and change, handle that too.

Cluster HR initiatives together

Quickly cluster and organise related work together, saving time in management and easing analysis.

Want to view all ongoing recruitment and screening initiatives for one department? That's easy when you cluster it together.

Keen to establish a picture on all the exits over the past year?  Again simply cluster the work in seconds and make light work of the analysis.


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Managing the internal players within your ISMS is important, but just as important are the external partners within your supply chain. for supply chain information security includes:

- Manage contracts and contacts
- Monitor & review services
- Manage changes

Find out about supply chain information security...

Achieving information security in the supply chain 

With increasing reliance on suppliers for delivery of information based services you need a joined up approach to supplier management.  Manage relationships, contracts and contacts and monitor supplier services as required by section 15 of ISO 27001.

For organisations that want to integrate supply chain information security management within their ISMS, or for those without the need or budget for stand alone, expensive supply chain solutions.

Secure relationship management

Whether you are working with suppliers, partners or other third parties you need a place for working privately internally around that relationship. offers an all-in-one workspace for managing the relationship and its component parts.

No more losing key contact info or waiting until someone is back in the office because the information you need is left on their email... 

Capture key contacts and automatically create a history for internal communications, coordination and audit history.

Link to key contacts from your disaster recovery plan and ensure everyone knows who to contact quickly in case of emergency.

Create and manage contracts  

Upload contracts and other supporting documents to ensure all your valuable supplier information is kept securely in one place.

Undertake version or change control of contracts and schedules easily. Ensure everyone is on the same page and the history of movement is captured for future learning and efficient audit.

No more being caught out by auto renewal of contracts or missed opportunities to negotiate improvements. Assign account owners, contract managers and set renewal dates to get reminded of key date.

Monitor performance

Your supply chain needs to deliver on its promises for your business to succeed.

You can monitor success of your supplier and other third party relationships with simple performance measures.

Implement practical KPIs to align supplier performance with your ISMS objectives or broader business goals.

Collaborate with your supply chain

Not all suppliers are equal, and some need more attention than others to keep your business on track.

Adopt our policy of supplier segmentation to help focus your resources on the suppliers with the most value and risk. It addresses the requirements for control objective 15 from ISO 27001:2013 and will save you money too. 

You can also use the functionality within the platform for collaboration with your strategic suppliers. Work together in our safe place to deliver success and ensure one view of the data and focus each other on the goal at lower cost and risk than old fashioned email or physical meetings.

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Implementing ISO 27001? You'll need to build information security in to your project management:

- Prebuilt accredited templates
- Build your own frameworks
- Complete project and programme work
- Automated dashboard reporting

Find out about project management for information security...

Information security and project management

If you're following ISO 27001 you'll need to address information security within project management, as required by 6.1.5 of the standard. comes with prebuilt, accredited templates that save you time and, its easy to start from scratch and build your own repeatable frameworks.

Set up projects in seconds

Much of work today has a beginning, middle and end, so fits the nature of project working really well.  Whether you are releasing a new product, moving office, hiring someone or rolling out a new customer they all have information security risks.   

If you are following ISO 27001:2013, you also need to demonstrate that your projects have information security 'built in'.  We have even written the policy for 6.1.5 of the standard to save you the time. has simple, repeatable frameworks that allow you to focus on what you want to achieve, and spend less time worrying about how or where to do it. They have 'information security' nudges built in.  

With you can start your own project from scratch in seconds, use a pre-built framework, adapt a framework or clone a psat project.  Its all so easy you can just get on with the job in hand.

Get the work done how you want to

Easily breakdown and structure your project in the style that suits your work.  

Whether agile or more traditional planning, automatically presents status and offers insightful reports to help you make better decisions.

Allocate owners for activities along with start and end dates to keep your project on track. Visualise your work in various forms of progress and save time with automated reporting.

Collaborate internally and externally, anywhere anytime

Simply invite team members to your projects and control permissions and control what they can and can't do.

Collaborate efficiently and effectively in a project environment with whoever you want to work with, internally and externally.

Access your projects 24/7 from any device, enabling you to work effectively and flexibly to suit your schedule.

Working online with introduces opportunities to save money and time with new ways of working.

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