How to get ISO 27001 certified first time

ISO 27001 is the international gold standard in information security management. Undertaking the certification can be a daunting prospect – regardless of your infosec expertise.

Your hosts for this webinar are ISO Standards & Systems Specialist, Mark Graham and Customer & Partner Success Specialist, Hannah Wares. Mark and Hannah will share with you the methods we use to lay out a clear and practical path to first-time ISO 27001 success, while optimising resource, cost and risk.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • How to achieve ISO 27001 success fast and effectively the first time
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in your implementation and audits
  • Why you should aim for pragmatism not perfection with your first ISMS
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Webinar details

Hosts: Mark Graham & Hannah Wares

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured presenters

Mark Graham

ISO Standards & Systems Specialist

Specialising in information security, business continuity and quality Mark combines detailed knowledge of the standards with 20 years practical experience teaching, building and auditing management systems.

Hannah Wares

Customer & Partner Success Manager

Hannah has over 10 years experience helping customers meet their goals. She combines her information security knowledge with her passion for building strong customer and partner relationships.