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Announcement – How to prepare for EU GDPR

On Monday 24th October The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley MP, confirmed to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee that the EU GDPR will apply to the UK.
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For those holding off taking action whilst waiting for Brexit bedlam to subside…the position is now clear and unquestionable. Organisations will have until May 2018 to comply or suffer the consequences of increased fines in the event of compliance failures.

Forward-thinking organisations will view early compliance as an opportunity.

Our own CEO, Mark Darby, was at an Export Hub South East Roadshow event last week where many such organisations were asking the question “How can we demonstrate credibility of our products and services to prospects abroad to show that they are cyber safe?”.

Decisions to act now on GDPR implementation will help, as will achieving globally recognised standards like ISO 27001.  Important elements, including Privacy by Design, are addressed early and ahead of the competition. Demonstrating accountability through early compliance will give a level of credibility where others may choose to wait until May 2018.

The changes being brought about by GDPR are far-reaching and will require positive action to ensure satisfactory compliance. The ICO have issued advice by way of their ‘12 Steps to take now‘ guide.

We have taken this one step further and built these steps into a framework within

Now you can take the immediate steps required and integrate with your broader ISMS, ISO 27001 and other compliance requirements, where necessary.

We’ll help you and your teams prepare for and practice the requirements for GDPR:

  • Save time and hassle by loading a prebuilt 12 steps framework as suggested by the ICO, in just seconds
  • Use collaborative areas to work more efficiently with colleagues on addressing the 12 steps with tasks, discussions, document management and notes recording
  • Demonstrate your accountability with effective audit trails, governance and compliance embedded in the way you work
  • Integrate your 12 Steps with other EU GDPR and information security related work quickly and easily
  • Use the project planning and action management capability to assign actions, owners, deadlines and see progress
  • Drive out cost, waste and risk to focus on exactly what you need to do for success and plan your priority investments customers will automatically benefit from this new and latest template in our ISMS armoury.

We also have prebuilt solutions for incident_management”>incident management and privacy impact assessments, two of the 12 steps.

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