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Free GDPR Information Resources

GDPR, the first biggest shakeup of the data protection regulation for nearly 20 years, can seem daunting. has curated some of the best online resources available online, to help you achieve a better understanding of what’s expected of you and your organisation.

Getting started with GDPR

If you’re just getting started with GDPR and are looking to achieve a basic understanding of what work is involved, we suggest you start here.

Information Commissioner’s Office

The ICO is an independent body that upholds rights for the UK public, regarding information.

GDPR Portal

An online resource to educate the public on GDPR.

GDPR events

One effective way of educating your staff on GDPR is to attend industry lead events. Below is a selection of notable seminars and conferences, past and present. Even if an event has passed, there is still valuable information that can be mined.

Further reading

What’s hitting the headlines? A selection of some of the most informative GDPR articles on the web. A good chance to get involved in the conversation.

A little deeper into GDPR

We have brought together some more in depth documents on GDPR, from a range of sources.

Interest in GDPR – Google Searches

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