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UPDATE: Did you miss the live GDPR webinar? Don’t worry. You can still listen to the recording here.

Demonstrating GDPR Compliance: Technologies and Tools To Get You There Faster

A live webinar from and

Wednesday 28th February 2018 at 12 noon GMT has partnered up with one of our customers, activereach, to bring you a free in-depth webinar to help you with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The use of technology and tools can make the ongoing management of the GDPR much more streamlined than say, the DIY approach using spreadsheets and documents.

During this webinar, we will talk a bit about the platform and how the team at activereach is using it to manage their GDPR and ISO 27001 work. We will also discuss data security and privacy. More details on the webinar content:

  • Management Portal – up to a 77% head start with GDPR policy management and governance mapped to an ISO 27001 framework where required
  • Securing Personal Data and Testing Network Defences – DDoS Mitigation & Testing, Web Application Security & Pen Testing solutions
  • Monitoring Systems – CCTV, Voice Mail Recording, & Network Monitoring solutions
  • Third Party Contracts & Cloud Service Providers – Compliance governance through the supply chain


Who will be hosting the GDPR webinar?

Max Pritchard

Max has been designing secure business networks for 20 years with network integrators, ISPs, and Telcos. He now works as a senior pre-sales consultant for activereach – helping UK businesses make sense of cyber threats.

Mark Darby

Mark Darby is the founder of Alliantist, the organisation behind

When is the webinar and how can I watch it?

The GDPR webinar will be live at 12 noon GMT on Wednesday 28th February 2018. It will be recorded, so don’t worry if you’re not available. If you would like to attend and join in with the Q&A session at the end, click on the Register button below.

We look forward to talking GDPR tech and tools with you then!