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Zooming in on Surveillance with GDPR

Today saw the announcement that the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, and the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, have published a revised memorandum of understanding.

The MOU sets out the roles and working requirements of the two independent regulators and comes ahead of the important changes to data protection regulations in May next year.

Tony Porter commented

Given the way that surveillance cameras can now collect and manipulate personal data, it’s extremely important that we have a framework in place to bolster our excellent working relationship. With the changes in data protection legislation coming in next year, this is something that is very much in the public interest.

As organisations prepare for GDPR compliance, the depth and breadth of data protection considerations are hitting home. GDPR includes the requirement to carry out a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for CCTV installation and to have policies in place for its management and operation.


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