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ISO 27001 certification. An antidote to threat. A boost to your business.

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How healthy is your information security posture? The 2020 IBM Cost of a Data Breach report highlights healthcare as the number one sector at risk from costly cyber-attacks.  If you’re not yet ISO 27001 certified you may be unnecessarily exposed to risk and operating at a competitive disadvantage. 

The globally recognised standard is largely viewed as a must-have for today’s healthcare business. For example, NHS Trusts are increasingly asking for ISO 27001 as standard criteria for tender submission. Why? Because certification demonstrates your commitment to a safer, more resilient and successful mode of operation that benefits your entire supply chain.

ISO 27001 is a complex standard – and you need an information security management system (ISMS) to achieve it – but it doesn’t need to be daunting. In this handy guide we help you to understand:

  • What’s ISO 27001 and why do you need it?
  • What’s an ISMS and why do you need one?
  • How will your ISMS achieve ISO 27001 certification?

Plus, we’ve included a useful formula that helps you estimate the value a comprehensive ISMS brings to your organisation. Because let’s face it, we’re all under increasing pressure to show return on investment.


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