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What is the cost of poorly managed information security systems?

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Cyber breaches and poor information security management

It’s been a contentious couple of weeks for cyber security and information security breaches.  Lawyers are claiming Talk Talk could be looking at over £20m in claims and that’s without the unknown cost of a severe dent in consumer trust. So, it’s certainly worth taking time out to consider how your ISMS can be improved.

Taking it online using a purpose built secure platform, with built-in frameworks and tools to manage, control and improve, could just be the best investment you ever made.

7 great reasons for taking your ISMS online:

  1. Remove the hassle related to achieving and maintaining ISMS and gain big savings in time and cost versus other paper or shared folder options
  2. Lower risk of reputational and financial damage from security breaches and, using a company which is already ISO 27001: 2013 UKAS accredited, not just as an organisation but for its Application and UK Datacentre, will give you the added reassurance your ISMS is in safe hands
  3. A holistic approach to managing and improving your ISMS, from one secure cloud service, puts information security at the very core of your organisation and ensures it is accessible when and where you need it
  4. Using a collaboration-centric software service will enable you to react instantly to daily ISMS operation, communicating easily through groups and projects, both internally and with suppliers, customers and other partners
  5. Pre-­built frameworks for policy and controls management, with optional decision support tools for risk management, interested party mapping, security incident management and corrective actions/improvements gives you consistent and repeatable practices that are proven and trusted
  6. Managing multiple compliances, such as ISO, PCI DSS, PSN CoCo, and any others, all in one place with simple linking, prevents duplication, repetition and confusion
  7. Flexible pricing options, which allow for optional modules, enable you to tailor the service to your needs and expand or change the scope as and when you need it.

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For private or public sector organisations conducting ISO 27001, PSN Code of Compliance, PCIDSS, IG Health Toolkit and other compliance or accreditation regimes, find out why our UKAS Certified Auditor reported our own ISO 27001:2013 implementation, using ISMS Online, as…

“”The best implementation of an ISO 27001: 2013 UKAS Accredited  Information Security Management System”