ISMS adoption planning with

Congratulations on deciding to use for your information security management system

The purpose of this page is to help you prepare for adoption and then accelerate forward at the pace you want to work.

Key points from us:

  1. We have been working hard in the background to help you succeed, including preparing your ISMS workspace with all policies, tools and frameworks you have ordered
  2. Your nominated first user will automatically be teamed into the ISMS and given the administration rights to control then develop the ISMS, including adding other new users to all or part of the ISMS
  3. Our support desk is accessible on if you have any questions about your service or want any physical help. We will get back to you quickly
  4. Further help and adoption materials are available below and on the platform itself

Your first steps to success:

  • You are your organisation’s first user and will be a main administrator of the platform. This means you will get to manage your users and liaise with the team for any service activity (you can add other administrators later too)
  • You will receive an automated welcome email notification to get into ISMS.onlineNote: please login within 72 hours of receipt of the email as it has a secure token with time limited expiry. Please check your spam folder if the welcome notification has not appeared by the time expected (if this happens then please ensure that your IT support team whitelist notifications from within your organisation’s email service)
  • Once you login you will need to set a new secure password.  Please also take the opportunity to update your profile and ensure your colleagues and any partners know how to get in touch if they need to contact you outside the platform
  • Bookmark as a favourite in your browser for easy future access
  • If not already scheduled, organise your orientation and ‘kick-off’ webinar to accelerate success here

What to do next:

  • Understand what is covered in the ‘kick-off’ webinar
  • Learn more about how to add new users, administer your ISMS and other useful guides here 
  • See our tips for a successful ISMS outcome using


ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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