ISMS Business Case Builder - Whether to Build or Buy the Technology Part of the ISMS

What are the technology options for the ISMS?

Broadly speaking there are 5 ‘build or buy’ options for the solution and these are:

  1. Build your own no-tech paper-based solution
  2. Build your own low-tech solution – Email, sheets, docs, shared folders (personal & basic sharing tools)
  3. Build (or commission) your own hi-tech specialist software technology solution
  4. Buy off the shelf professional standalone applications to do specific ISMS jobs
  5.  Buy off the shelf professional all in one place ISMS

It’s pretty obvious from what offers that we would recommend option 5 – but the other paths all have Pros and Cons which we’ve summarised below. 

An ISMS delivers a positive return on investment. The goal of our whitepaper is to show you why, what, and how you can get RoI from an ISMS that fits the business needs.

You can download it now to share with colleagues or work through the considerations online using the index below.

Convinced on the RoI of an ISMS for your organisation?

Now discover how will help reduce your investment and get you better results more quickly too

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