With complex IT systems that span across multiple platforms, Laura Ashley wanted an all-in-one platform to manage their ISMS and GDPR projects.

Laura Ashley is an international lifestyle brand which specialises in retailing furniture, home, accessories, decorating and fashion products. Laura Ashley Limited has approximately 154 retail stores throughout the UK and Franchised operations located across the world in 29 territories. The Company also sells its full product range to continental Europe through e-commerce.

As an organisation spanning multiple countries, Laura Ashley got in touch with ISMS.online to find a solution which would help them become not only GDPR compliant, but also maintain compliance.

What was Laura Ashley’s specific challenge and deadline, and what was it being driven by?

Laura Ashley wanted a tool that would support their GDPR Project. They specifically needed assistance with consistently mapping data in systems and business areas as the organisation is broadly split into functional business areas such as HR, Finance, Retail Operations, Logistics, Design, Fashion, Legal, etc. Their IT systems are complex and span across multiple platforms, so they wanted one platform to manage their ISMS.


What was the main reason Laura Ashley decided to select ISMS.online?

They wanted an ISMS management tool to help them record, track and monitor their policies and controls. Prior to approaching ISMS.online, Laura Ashley was managing documentation, via Word and Excel, and storing it on different platforms. Laura Ashley wanted a more consistent approach to document management.
They were very clear on what they wanted to achieve with ISMS.online, and following a demo, they were confident that they would be able to achieve their goals with us.

“We need a platform that identifies, maps and classifies all data and the business processes that capture that data. We need to understand the retention policies, the ownership and what that data is needed for.”

“We selected ISMS.online to manage our GDPR project but we wanted a tool that would act as a central repository for all our ISMS documentation. Prior to using ISMS.online we used spreadsheets to record data and it was inconsistent.”

IT Infrastructure Manager – Laura Ashley

Are there any specific features of the platform that are particularly useful?

After using ISMS.online Laura Ashley’s IT Infrastructure Manager said:

“One of the strengths is the speed at which we can implement policies and controls, and reap benefits. If there’s an incident, we can quickly report on it in a compliant and consistent way. We also like the way in which ISMS.online evidences the steps we’ve taken to be GDPR compliant!”

We find the ability to consistently track all work particularly useful. We have benefitted from the speed at which we can implement ISMS controls and the consistency that ISMS.online gives us.”

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ISMS.online I Used By These Organisations

We’ve made more ISO 27001 progress in the last 2 weeks using ISMS.online than we have in the past year.

Tom Woolrych

Service and Support Manager, Workforce Development Trust

“Since using ISMS.online, the challenges around version control, policy approval and policy sharing are a thing of the past.”

Dean Fields

IT Director, NHS Professionals

“It is easy to use and has lots of good features, as a result it has become a really valuable tool for the business.”

Sacha Manson-Smith

Head of Technology, Beryl

“When we were audited by a prospective customer and showed her ISMS.online, her immediate response was ‘this is absolutely mind-blowing!’ She said she had never seen anything so good.”

Jonathan Young

CIO, FDM Group