Evaluation and improvement

As an ISMS board member you’ll be a busy senior manager. That’s why we’ve made it simple to see your entire ISMS in one place where you and your colleagues can easily evaluate, measure and access information quickly to inform important decisions and practice continual improvement.

Undertake continual improvement

Evidence non-conformities and corrective actions and identify areas for continual improvement, meeting requirement 10 of ISO 27001:2013.

Add items with ease, assigning them to team members, categorising for relevant reporting and setting review dates to ensure speedy resolution.

Move items through the track to resolution quickly and easily.

Adopt practical and proven models for success

Use simple and editable frameworks for audits and management reviews, with accompanying policies to describe the approach.

Follow a standard agenda that keeps you compliant with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013, and also makes reviews simple yet effective.

It’s easy to write-up and evidence workings, uploading supporting documents and findings.

Make recommendations from your results and link them to the Improvements Track. Then easily align with changes to relevant policies and controls for an end-to-end integrated approach.

Add information and show your workings

Upload supporting documents and write-up notes with links to relevant policies, controls and tools to clearly evidence workings.

Task and discuss with others where required to ensure that everyone that needs to be involved can participate.

Work done creates a full audit trail as you go, saving time later when it comes to management meetings, reviews and audits.

Navigate and share, easily

Link your complete ISMS together to navigate it easily and reduce management overhead.

You can even share with your customers, suppliers, external advisors or auditors.

Manage all this remotely to reduce the unnecessary travel time and expense associated with physical meetings.

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Measure effectiveness

Monitor ISMS objectives through management reviews and ISMS Board activity.

Get an instant snapshot of ISMS Board activity & status for fast and effective management.

Don’t wait for management reviews to update and collaborate. Do it dynamically and save significant cost of senior management time from being caught up in meetings.

Use automated statistics and attractive dashboards reports to save time in measurement work. Optionally even set KPI’s to measure & monitor effectiveness of your ISMS objectives.

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