Safely move on from COVID-19 News Roundup – 31st October 2019

WhatsApp sues Israeli firm over phone hacking claims

A lawsuit has been filed against Israel’s NSO group claiming the firm was behind cyber attacks which resulted in around 1,400 devices being affected with malicious software for the purpose of surveillance. The BBC explores who was affected and other details in the filing.

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Government to spotlight cyber security

In this fascinating article, the Scottish Government revealed its plans for ‘Cyber Scotland Week 2020’, set for February 17-23. The events week intends to illustrate the thriving cybersecurity sector in the country and the rising cybercrime threat.

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Here are the winners of the first contest for hacker stock photos

Cybersecurity is a reoccurring theme in the digital world, but it appears to be unnecessarily complex in the way it is portrayed in the media. Evan Nicole Brown explores how the top five finalists of a global contest, launched by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and OpenIDEO, to tackle the issue of clear, compelling images to accompany reporting on the subject, in this wonderful article for Fast Company.

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Modern cybersecurity is inaccessible to smaller companies — and that’s bad for you

In this fascinating article for The Next Web, Gal Ringel discusses how more cybersecurity software, once only accessible to wealthy corporations, should be made more affordable to all enterprises after 60 per cent of the small businesses hacked in 2018 went out of business within the year.

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I Read a Bunch of Cybersecurity Reports So You Wouldn’t Have To

Since 1983, cybersecurity has been an issue for authorities, but every year cybercrimes have become a rising threat to all. In this thought-provoking article for Hacker Noon, Rolands discusses how the digital landscape has changed, how information is usually hacked, and what to do about it, after examining a number of recent articles.

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Bonus Podcast: Cybersecurity Trends for 2020

ABA cybersecurity expert Paul Benda joins the ABA Banking Journal brilliant podcast, which covers the resonance of cyber-enabled fraud, how banks use and secure cloud computing technology and the need for increased sophistication in third-party risk management and due diligence in progressively complicated cybersecurity and technological environment.

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AI And Cybersecurity: Plague Or Promise?

As cyber-attacks, specifically reported incidents, are on the rise, in this fantastic article for the Forbes Technology Council, Bob Bruns hears from their team about how everyday cyber threats affect companies as they are becoming more regular, more advanced and more targeted and how AI may be able to help the situation.

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Cybersecurity Horror Stories Don’t Have to Keep You Up at Night

In this brilliant post for Security Boulevard, Kevin Franks explores how there are two major narratives of cybersecurity – external attacks and internal risks. Much like cliched horror films, many companies are constantly being attacked in some way or another by menacing cyber threats.

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POLL: How much is your data worth?

IT Pro has published this intriguing poll with the aim of discovering out how much people think their data is worth due to them hosting a session on November 14, at the Mindshare UK Huddle, with the theme of taking back control.

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NCSC release Annual Review 2019

CyberExchange has posted an excellent article summarising last week’s NCSC Annual Report as well as providing comments from the NCSC Chief Executive and the Cyber and National Security Head of techUK.

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Industrial rail cybersecurity imperative for the future of transport

As the rail transport industry becomes more automated, the need for improved cybersecurity to assist it rises too. In this article on, Courtney Schneider discusses the areas which rely on cybersecurity in this sector.

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Why productions should focus on security

In this fascinating article for IBC360, James Pearce investigates how information security is a major concern for the media industry, but needs to be incorporated into production cycles more, as production schedules and conditions may make it hard to enforce.

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How To Lose A Million Dollars In A Minute. Or Not.

A business email compromise (BEC) is a kind of cyber attack that can severely damage your business, as its losses have been estimated to be in the billions and there is no real solution to this. Wayne Rash investigates what BEC is and how you can take steps to prevent falling victim to it, in this fantastic Forbes article.

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Card game for better information security

The Luleå University of Technology has released a brilliant article outlining how they have created a card game aimed primarily at small and medium-sized businesses to help them defend themselves against external threats.

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Which U.S. States Best Protect Privacy Online?

In this wonderful post for Security Magazine, an annual ranking has been released put California, Delaware and Utah as the states with the best protection for users online privacy in 2019, in comparison to Wyoming, Mississippi, Idaho, Pennsylvania and Iowa, who ranked as the worst.

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Facebook agrees to pay Cambridge Analytica fine to UK

The BBC has published this intriguing post detailing how Facebook has agreed to pay a £500,000 settlement for its involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal issued by the UK data protection watchdog Facebook has not made any admission of responsibility as part of this agreement.

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What Is A Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Designation?

A Certified Information Systems Auditor is someone who is trained to review information systems and internal controls that a company has placed behind them in order to protect them against compromise. Tom DeSot explores what a CISA classification is, the value of the position, and how to become a CISA yourself in this interesting post for InformationSecurityBuzz.

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NHS pagers are leaking medical data

Unprotected pager communications have been discovered transmitting health and medical data across UK cities. Zack Whittaker discusses how the amateur radio network was found, in this fantastic article for TechCrunch, as it gathered real-time medical information and broadcasted it throughout the UK from hospitals and ambulances. Cities and towns.

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French privacy watchdog says facial recognition trial in high schools is illegal

Laura Kayali discusses how the French data protection regulator announced on Tuesday that plans to start testing facial recognition software at high schools in southern France does not conform with privacy laws and can not be legally enforced, in this thought-provoking article for Politico.

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Facebook strikes deal with ICO over Cambridge Analytica

It has been reported that more than 7 million user account records with Adobe have been left at risk of targeted phishing. User data included email addresses and subscription statuses among other details. Paul Bischoff of Comparitech explores the story further.

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Study shows the real benefits where companies share cyber security risk management information 

A study from the North Carolina State University has studied companies to explore the effects of being open about information security risk management. This article by continuity central explores the findings of the study.

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