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Password theft – Will it happen to you?

#CyberSecMonth password awareness

It was reported in the press earlier this year that more than 770m breached email addresses and passwords had been discovered posted to a popular hacking site. This is the largest collection of breached data discovered to date. 

Security researcher, Troy Hunt, who called the upload Collection #1, said it was probably “made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources”.

If you’re one of those people who think it won’t happen to you, then, the truth is, it probably already has. 

Passwords are essential in protecting your data from outside threats and yet in our professional and personal life, we often rely on names and dates familiar to us in order to generate passwords.  

The National Cyber Security Centre released its findings of 2018’s password trends and resulting breaches, which we have compiled into an infographic ‘How Safe Is Your Password?’

Whilst the infographic was created to inform in a light-hearted way for #Cybersecuritymonth, password protection is a serious matter and we encourage the use of  password-managing applications, such as Last Pass, to generate a random password for all of your different sites and apps.

Read the full report here Most Hacked Password Revealed.  Top Tips For Staying Secure Online are available at the National Security Cyber Security Centre.