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Santa baby, put an ISMS under the tree for me…

getting an ISMS Solution for christmas

I’ve been an awful good girl (or boy!). And an auto convertible really isn’t that much use…it probably wouldn’t fit in the multi-storey car parks here.

However, if you are in any doubt over the validity of that first statement, or you are simply past believing in Santa Claus, then the best way of ensuring you get something really useful this Christmas is to gift it to yourself.

We’re proposing something that will make your work life easier, that may even enable you to leave work on time on the odd occasion. Something that will help you deliver such effective information security management results that even your boss will admire your pure genius.

We’re talking about a software solution that takes you beyond shared folders, and simple Excel spreadsheets to give you an integrated information security management system with multiple security frameworks and all the tools and policies for effective ongoing management. has even included accredited ISO 27001 policies and controls that offer a pragmatic approach to the standard. They will give you a huge head-start if you are building your ISMS following the ISO 27001 framework.

And it’s not all about you either

companies want to retain business and improve cyber security

What makes it such a great gift is that it will benefit others too.

Demonstrating a well run ISO 27001 ISMS will improve business processes and meet the objectives of multiple stakeholders. You’ll be giving a valuable gift to your sales director, account managers, your CEO and even your finance director!

Our gift to you

We recognise that GDPR preparations will be high on the priority list for most organisations in 2017. To help you integrate this work within your ISMS, we’re including a free EU GDPR framework and tools for those committing before the end of January 2017.

So, Santa baby, forget the yacht…that’s really not a lot (of practical use).

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