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A flexible and versatile powerful cloud software service with easy to use functionality whether you are new to information security management, an improver or seasoned expert

Policy Creation, Management and Governance

Manage your ISMS requirements, policies and controls in one place

  • Pre-built regulation, certification, and standards frameworks to meet ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 22301, GDPR, ISO 9001, NIST Cyber Security, NIS Regulations, DSP Toolkit, Cyber Essentials & more

  • Create policies, controls, and other information quickly

  • See progress and completion of your ISMS at all times

  • Facilitate team collaboration

  • Visible audit trails with version control management

  • Set automated policy reminders and alerts for review

Information Asset Inventory

Replace spreadsheets with a sophisticated, easy to use system

  • Meet the information asset inventory requirements of ISO 27001:2103/17 in one secure place
  • Bring your inventory to life by connecting it up to risks, controls, and supply chain, and take other actions that demonstrate your assets are well protected
  • Deliver GDPR requirements for a personal data inventory and show how it all joins up with your broader security protocols

Risk Management & Other Decision Support Tools

Identify and address risks using dynamic, visual, collaborative tools

  • Effectively manage Information Security Risks, Applicable Legislation, and Interested Parties
  • Save weeks of work using our comprehensive risk bank pre-mapped to suggested ISO 27001:2013/17 Annex A controls
  • Dynamically link to your Information Asset Inventory, and wider ISMS
  • Quickly and easily add your own risks, applicable legislation, and interested parties
  • Assign and set review dates
  • Treat risks, capture evidence, and retain a full audit trail
  • Work dynamically alone or online in teams
  • Customise your risk map to suit your organisation’s risk methodology

Statement of Applicability for ISO 27001

An out-of-the-box SOA ready to adapt to reflect your approach 

  • Dynamically populate your Statement of Applicability (SoA) from within each of your ISO 27001 Annex A Control activities
  • Includes standard justifications for the inclusion or exclusion of each control
  • Follow the links from identified risk and relevant controls, through to the control policy itself and then to the SoA (and in reverse so that your auditor can see the risks associated with the included control too!)
  • Dynamically controlled to easily remain in sync with your controls as they are reviewed for inclusion/exclusion
  • Share with auditors, or customers, by simply adding them as a controlled user to your online ISMS or export to physical report

Audits, Management Reviews and Corrective Actions

Meet requirement 10 of ISO27001:2013

  • Evidence governance with practical audits & management reviews
  • Monitor objectives against KPI’s
  • Evidence non-conformities and corrective actions and identify areas for continual improvement
  • Manage through proven work processes, retaining information to create a full audit trail to save time later
  • Navigate and share easily to reduce management overhead

Incident Management

Track and manage information security incidents

  • Evidence an end-to-end management of incidents and track events and weaknesses, following our proven work processes
  • Filter reporting by customisable settings that include notification to regulators and victims in line with EU GDPR
  • Manage and drive performance improvements using incident stats
  • Handle business continuity & disaster recovery planning

Business Continuity Management

Protect your organisation whatever the threat

  • Meet the requirements of ISO 27001 Annex A.17
  • Optionally, go beyond to achieve full ISO 22301 BCMS certification too
  • Track and manage Business Impact Assessments and related risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Manage your incident responses in a simple but powerful workflow
  • Describe your approach to ISO 22301 in a dedicated policies and controls area
  • Assign roles and responsibilities across your BCMS
  • Plan and conduct audits of your management system all in one place

Staff Communication, Training & Awareness

Communicate, share and set tasks to meet your deadlines

  • Collaborate in groups
  • Set tasks for specific compliance work
  • Improve learning and development
  • Elevate employee engagement
  • Link to policies & controls
  • Demonstrate engagement for impact assessments and consultations

Staff & Supplier Compliance ‘Policy Packs’

Evidence that your staff understand and accept the organisations policies

  • Reduce policy fatigue
  • One secure and accessible place to manage all policies
  • Evidence policies have been read and accepted
  • Policy Pack is sent to employees in an easy to read format
  • Staff can easily access and demonstrate compliance to policies via Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Ensure staff are presented with just the policies and controls relevant to their role. By creating templates for new SSO users, you can guarantee individuals quick and easy access to all the information they need to work securely

One secure place to create, manage and share your policies and capture all the evidence your auditors or regulators need to demonstrate your organisation is serious about information security

“Our staff immediately took to the platform and it has really expedited our route to achieving ISO 27001 and GDPR. The Policy Pack feature makes it easy to track who has read company policies, giving us an instant audit trail documenting compliance – a big tick in the box when it comes to our audit for ISO 27001!”

Sandra Lewy

Director, Business Operations and Research Coordinator, IACCM

Supply Chain Management for Information Security

A joined-up approach to supplier management

  • Manage supplier contracts and contacts, and capture the GDPR requirement to hold DPO’s for all relevant suppliers
  • Create simple links from your disaster recovery plan
  • Link accounts to associated risks for ongoing management, fast analysis and improved decision-making
  • Monitor and review supplier services with a clear and full audit trail

Privacy Management

GDPR Frameworks & Tools, NIST & ISO 27701

  • Choose the GDPR standalone or combine with ISO 27001
  • Follow the full GDPR regulation as a project framework and capture your evidence, policies and workings to demonstrate compliance
  • For SME’s, follow the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) approved self-assessment framework and capture your evidence, policies, and workings to demonstrate compliance
  • Use our relationship management accounts area to record DPO’s of outsourced partners
  • Manage incidents and risks using ISO 27001 certified tools and policies
  • Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments and evidence findings

Human Resource Security

Pre-built frameworks to save you time and effort

  • Complete screening and recruitment, inductions, in-life compliance, training, exit and change
  • Collaborate using easy to administer teams
  • Group HR initiatives together using our simple ‘Cluster’ functionality that makes access, navigation and analysis fast and effective

Privacy Impact Assessments & Project Management for Information Security

Pre-built templates to address and demonstrate your approach

  • Use pre-built ISO27001 templates or build your own repeatable frameworks
  • Complete project work, collaborating with colleagues with assigning, tasking, due dates, discussion areas and a place to evidence workings
  • Set KPI’s and measure performance

Strategic Insight from Clusters & Dashboards

Bring together the visual overview you need to run your ISMS effectively

Make light of your management reviews and committee meetings to demonstrate you are in control of your ISMS and can be trusted with valuable information. Using Clusters you can pull together any initiatives and report around them, and with each initiative area having its own automated reporting and statistics it means no more Excel, Powerpoint or wasting time on reporting performance or chasing on progress.

Virtual Coach

Implementing ISO27001 and need a little extra help?

  • 24/7 online availability
  • Practical guidance for how to meet each of the ISO 27001 core requirements and Annex A controls
  • Quickly and easily achieve a certifiable ISMS
  • Videos, templates, checklists and guides for planning the implementation, meeting the core requirements of ISO 27001:2013/17 and all the Annex A controls

“The virtual coach is a great addition to  It has all of the information you’d find on a lead implementer course and a whole lot more, I can refresh or improve my knowledge about a particular topic right at the stage I need to, I don’t even need to navigate away from the work I am doing.”

Toby Snell, Compliance at Worldwide Internet Insurance Services 

Expert knowledge and documentation

A proven path to success for your ISO 27001 implementation activity

The Assured Results Method (ARM) is a step by step guide towards your ISO 27001 implementation. When using it alongside Virtual Coach, ARM gives you a better starting point, as it uses a hybrid approach so to be the most efficient and effective way to achieve your certification.

Everyone we helped go for an ISO 27001 audit passed first time. You could too.


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