Compliance Policy Packs for Staff and Suppliers


Evidencing that your staff understand and accept the organisations policies is key for ISO 27001 and GDPR success

Get all your staff visibly compliant, quickly and simply with

Reduce policy fatigue for your staff

…and increase the likelihood of compliance by only sharing the policies relevant to their role.

Staff get a great reading experience, marking each policy as read and moving on to the next when ready. They can revisit them easily at any time to continue where they left off, refresh their memory, or check they are complying.

And when they are done, they simply complete the compliance task you have sent them to read and accept.

It’s simple for you to manage too

Your policies already exist in, just define your audience groups, check the box for the policies they need to see, then publish them, sending a simple email and link to staff along with a task to acknowledge.

No complicated folder structures and access rights, no duplication or repetition, just one secure and simple place to manage it all.

Great staff compliance visibility

…with evidence to show policies read and accepted by audience groups and individual members.

You keep on top of completion and auditors are happy to quickly and easily see all the evidence that your staff have read and accepted the policies they need to ensure the organisation meets its information security objectives.


Why not share all the organisation’s policies this way?

Well, as long as they are in you can include all policies so that staff have only one place to read what they need, and one task to complete. You save hours of work of administration whilst capturing all the evidence of staff policy compliance in one secure place, whether it be for ISO 27001, GDPR, ISO 9001 or any other compliance project in

You can group together critical suppliers and processors too, sharing the policies you need them to confirm compliance to.

In fact, can also help with other aspects of supply chain management. We make it simple to manage supplier contracts, contacts, performance, and relationships in order to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 and GDPR, whilst easily connecting them with the wider areas of your  ISMS.

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