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5 Short Reads About BAU During COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected almost every organisation on the planet. On the positive side, it’s been a stress-test for business. Faced with a world of content on how to weather the storm, we’ve chosen five insightful articles that we think are worth your valuable time this week.


Go beyond BAU to spot the opportunities within the crisis with a Path to Certainty

Nobody knows what the new normal is going to look like. But we do know today’s disruption is tomorrow’s opportunity. Our comprehensive Covid-19 checklist is free to download. It’s time to start planning your Path to Certainty.

Download the Path to Certainty checklist here.


How to Pay a Ransom: A Step-By-Step Guide for Something You’d Never Do

Ransomware attacks were on the rise even before the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s likely they’ll only increase. Nicole Ferraro explores how an attack should be handled in this insightful piece for The Edge.

Read the full article here.


A Coronavirus Crisis Playbook

Ian Hunter of UCToday talks about the effect COVID-19 has had on industry with the Managing Director of business development firm Larato, Lucy Green.

Read the full article here.


The 3 C’s for successful return-to-work communication

With return to work at the front of everyone’s minds, effective communication is the key to success. Kate Duchene explores the “3 Cs” of communication in this piece for Human Resource Executive.

Read the full article here.

‘Business as unusual’: How COVID-19 could change the future

UN News talks to Susan Hayter, Senior Technical Adviser on the Future of Work at the Geneva-based International Labour Organisation in this article about how COVID-19 could change our working lives.

Read the full article here.


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