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G-Cloud 9 respondents shape-up to meet information security requirements

UKAS accredited ISO 27001

There is just one week to go before G-Cloud 9 applications need to be submitted and we thought we’d investigate how respondents feel about the new information security requirements, and how prepared they might be for them.

To help us we turned to the recent Advice Cloud webinar, Top Tips for your G-Cloud 9 listing. Advice Cloud are Digital Marketplace experts and have been busy helping organisations with their G9 submissions. Acknowledging the importance of information security to an organisations application to, and success on, the framework, they invited Alliantist CEO, Mark Darby, to present.

Alliantist is the company behind and is an SME with a strong heritage of working with public sector organisations. Darby spoke of the relevance of information security and how best to meet the requirements of both the framework and public sector buyers.

Interviewing a cross section of SME’s that attended the event we found there was strong support for the new information security requirements with 82% saying they are a good thing and only 7% viewing them as a bad thing.

One respondent added “Generally it’s a good thing but could be viewed as bad for SME’s who may suffer due to the more stringent requirements”.

However, out of those SME’s interviewed, 43% already have ISO 27001 and 14%  are working towards the standard. A further 11% recognise the importance of ISO 27001 certification and would like to achieve it.

That’s 68% of the SME’s interviewed recognising the importance of the standard, clearly demonstrating savvy organisations are not leaving their ability to compete on the digital marketplace to chance when it comes to information_security”>information security assurances.

Helping SME’s meet the requirements

At, we want to make sure SME’s do not suffer as a result of the new information security requirements. Julia Heron, Marketing at commented,

“It is clearly survival of the fittest right now and we’re helping people shape up quickly and with limited investment. That involves our high impact solution designed to reduce the pain, the time and the effort associated with alternative methods of achieving ISO 27001.”

Amongst new customers prompted to work towards the standard by G-Cloud 9 requirements is Matthew Wynn, Director of Cloudoko,

“We’re proud of the public sector work we already do but we know that being able to demonstrate information security credibility through a UKAS accredited ISO 27001 certification will help us meet the requirements of G-Cloud 9 and improve our competitiveness.  But it isn’t just a case of winning new business, we consider it essential good business practice and a way of ensuring we place information security at the heart of all we do”.

Cloudoko is a great example of an SME investing now in its future.

“ISO 27001 is a big commitment for us as a smaller organisation but we recognised that makes it achievable with a cost-effective and pragmatic approach.  Their software and support will make it easier for us to reach our goal more quickly. The fact we can demonstrate we’re 77% of the way there, with their policies and controls, is a real plus.”

G-Cloud 9 submissions close on 11th April 2017.
It’s not too late to confidently state you’re shaping up and on the road to ISO 27001 certification...

We’ll get you to 77% complete with policies to adopt, adapt or add to and, with additional support available, we’ll ensure you meet your ISO 27001 certification goal quicker than with any alternative solution.