Monsters of Infosec: Vampire

Meet’s Monsters of Infosec

Halloween’s coming, the spookiest time of year. That set us thinking about our favourite monsters. They have a lot in common with the infosec challenges we help our clients face and defeat.

This week we’ll introduce our top five monsters from our Monsters of Infosec deck of cards. They’re just a few of the infosec monsters that are out there. Which other ones do you think our pack of cards should include?

Oh, and we’ve dropped in our favourite movie versions of each of them to give you some Halloween viewing ideas.

#21 Vampire

Vampires are terrifying. But they’re also charming. That’s because most of them can only enter your house if you invite them in. They’re like phishing or trojan attacks. You’ve got to say yes to them before they can start sucking your blood.

Our favourite vampire movies: Horror of Dracula, because Christopher Lee. Or What We Do In The Shadows, because New Zealand vampires rule.

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