Meet’s Monsters of Infosec

Collect them all, defeat them all!

Halloween’s here, the spookiest time of year. That set us thinking about our favourite monsters. They have a lot in common with the infosec challenges we help our clients face and defeat.

So here are our top five monsters from our Monsters of Infosec deck of cards. They’re just a few of the infosec monsters that are out there. Which other ones do you think our pack of cards should include?

Oh, and we’ve dropped in our favourite movie versions of each of them to give you some Halloween viewing ideas.

#21 Vampire

Vampires are terrifying. But they’re also charming. That’s because most of them can only enter your house if you invite them in. They’re like phishing or trojan attacks. You’ve got to say yes to them before they can start sucking your blood.

Our favourite vampire movies: Horror of Dracula, because Christopher Lee. Or What We Do In The Shadows, because New Zealand vampires rule.

#32 Zombie Horde

Zombies are unstoppable. They just keep coming and coming. There are far too many to fight off. You’ve just got to wait them out. We think they’re like denial of service attacks. They’re not very smart, but they can still overwhelm you.

Our favourite zombie movies: Dawn of the Dead, because zombies in a shopping mall. And Shaun of the Dead, because inventive use of records to fight off the undead.

#18 Werewolf

The thing about werewolves is that you always know when they’re going to pop up. Every full moon, regular as clockwork, there’s some hairy, toothy wolfman on the prowl. Some infosec attacks are very time specific. They’re still scary, but at least you know when they’re coming.

Our favourite werewolf movies: An American Werewolf in London, because it’s spooky, tragic AND funny. And The Howling, because werewolf live on the news.

#04 Frankenstein’s Monster

A mad scientist in a castle, building a person from spare parts. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot. It’s like getting your ISMS built by someone who isn’t tried-and-tested. You’ll end up with a monstrosity that turns on you at the worst possible time.

Our favourite Frankenstein movies: Young Frankenstein, because you won’t stop laughing. And of course the original Boris Karloff black & white Frankenstein.

#12 Phantom

Unfinished business in the past leads to undead creatures bothering the present. That’s your average phantom for you. They’re pretty unsettling until you realise what they’re trying to tell you. Then, like an unfinished Corrective Action, laying them is a simple task.

Our favourite phantom movie: The Haunting, because it does what it says on the tin. Or maybe Ghost, because the early 90s haunt us still.

Defeat the Monsters of Infosec!

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