Opportunities for Information Security Consultants

Partnering with ISMS.online means opportunities to grow your business and complement services you offer today

With a fast growing cyber and information security market, demand is increasing for help and expertise.

But you also recognise that customers are getting smarter and want to see sustainable returns from their investment in your experience.

Implementing ISMS.online in your customers not only delivers them a faster, better and low cost ISMS that is more easily sustainable, it will also help you deepen your relationship with them, growing your business as a result.

It’s simple; for customers that want information security experts, we won’t erode your revenue, we’ll help you build and sustain it – after all, an ISMS is for life not just the first certification!

Whether you are focused on private, third or public sector we can shape a solution for you and your customers.

How ISMS.online protects and grows your income streams

Implementation examples

  • ISO27001:2013 (and other standards) readiness reviews
  • EU GDPR work
  • Risk assessments
  • Security gap analysis
  • Stage 1/2 mock audits
  • Other certifications e.g. Cyber Essentials
  • Special projects to meet the requirements
  • Policy development

Education & training examples

  • ISMS Management board responsibilities
  • Staff awareness and understanding of working within an ISMS
  • Change management

Ongoing management & improvement examples

  • VCISO and ISMS management board member
  • Specialist ongoing project work in line with 6.1.5 of ISO27001:2013
  • Audits, Healthchecks
  • Security Incident Management oversight
  • Continuous improvement advisor/delivery
  • Supply chain reviews

Policies & controls examples

  • Policy adapting and adding
  • New policy development

Our interest lies in delivering the accredited cloud software solution that underpins an ISMS

This means you and they don’t waste time or budget in ‘architecting’ an ISMS from old manual methods, or piecing together silo based software that is not fit for purpose.

You can also build your own repeatable policies, controls, other content and tools into ISMS.online quickly and easily. This will demonstrate the value in ‘your toolkit’ and earn much more overall than is achievable from handing over a USB stick with some word and excel based templates.

All this and more, delivered collaboratively and visibly together from one secure place in the cloud enabling you and your customers to engage well whenever and wherever you want.

Retain & grow business through your own efforts with these additional opportunities

1. Become a trusted partner and we’ll add you to our directory of expert advisors who can support any of our customers that might want a helping hand.

2. Earn referral income from ISMS.online or pass on the benefits to your customers with discounts from our normal retail prices.

Talk to us about protecting & growing your income streams...

ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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