Astun Technology map a smart route to ISO 27001 certification with ISMS.Online

We’re pleased to welcome aboard yet another organisation beginning their journey towards ISO 27001 certification and effective information security management with ISMS.Online.

Astun Technology, based in Surrey, specialise in open source geospatial technology solutions. It is an SME with an impressive pedigree and an even more impressive public sector client list. for Astun Technology


Astun has an ambitious growth plan and it is this, together with a general move towards cloud-based solutions, that led managing director, Mike Saunt, to decide it was time to reinforce their security credentials with an ISO 27001 certification.

“We recognised that to achieve our business objectives we needed a framework for information security management that will help us to grow, adapt and continually improve. Having a UKAS accredited certification will demonstrate our commitment to information security and strengthen our information security posture,” said Saunt.

The guys at Astun are self-confessed ‘geeks’ with significant experience in developing software solutions. However, they were the first to admit they were ISO 27001 ‘newbies’…

“ISO 27001 was never going to be just a tick in the box for us. We want to place information security at the heart of all we do but, as a lean and agile team, we were concerned about how much management resource and ISO 27001 expertise might be needed to implement and then manage the standard on an ongoing basis.

We needn’t have worried. In ISMS.Online we’ve found a system that is really comprehensive, easy to use and provides all the frameworks and tools that we need to reach our ISO 27001 goal quickly and cost effectively” said Saunt.

Mark Darby, CEO of Alliantist, the company behind ISMS.Online said, “As you would expect from an organisation of Astun’s background and maturity, they were already using pre-existing business tools in their current approach. Mike was clear on his objectives of building an integrated ISMS which they could embed deep in the organisation. It made perfect sense to replace existing shared folders and Google Drives with our purpose built ISMS environment that includes robust risk management tools.

However, Astun took an initial decision to leave incident management in their existing support desk function. We’re delighted that, within less than 60 minutes of starting their project with ISMS.Online, Mike recognised the power of fully integrating incident management within the platform.”

Saunt commented,  “I quickly saw just how simple and effective it will be to use ISMS.Online for managing incidents as it integrates so smoothly with the applicable policies, corrective actions and the management reviews. It ensures all our ISMS communications are handled in one place. It didn’t take long to convince me it would improve how we manage our ISMS.”

Astun Technology is also benefiting from some new developments in the ISMS.Online software and another new initiative. They are amongst the first to benefit from our new concept of Adopt, Adapt, Add, which means the software solution now includes ISO 27001 policies and guidelines that can simply be checked for applicability before either adopting ‘out of the box’, adapting or adding to.

“This was a real bonus,” said Saunt, “it gives our management team the advantage of having accredited policies and guidelines to review straight away and gives us a real head-start”.

We’re delighted to welcome Astun onboard and wish them the best of luck in achieving their ISO 27001 goals. We’re confident that with their commitment and the ISMS.Online solution, their journey will be a speedy one. frameworks, tools and policies will help save you management time when implementing ISO 27001 .

Julia Heron is the ISMS Solutions Specialist for and is responsible for customer adoption and success.

ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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