‘DIY’ ISO 27001 is made easier for Amigo with ISMS.online

“The actual time invested in our ISMS implementation was probably only 2-3 weeks thanks to the massive headstart the ISMS.online platform gave us. We didn’t have to rush anything and still had the day job to do as well, so the elapsed time was around 10 months from start of the journey to UKAS certification award.

We definitely would not have made it without the ISMS.online system or much higher investment.”
Emmie Cooney- Operations Manager, Amigo Technology

Amigo is a great example of a digitally-savvy team succeeding quickly and simply with commitment, focus and the right tools to help.

It should act as a great motivator for others who believe they don’t have the capacity or capability to undertake ISO 27001 by themselves.

Julia Heron – ISMS Solutions Specialist at Alliantist

The Challenge for Amigo Technology

Whilst there was no urgent ‘driver’ to achieve ISO 27001 certification, Amigo’s executive team recognised that the enterprise level customers they attract were increasingly seeking information security assurance.

Amigo is always keen to differentiate itself through excellence and wanted to demonstrate its commitment to information security and protecting customer data through a UKAS accredited ISO 27001 certification.

The challenge was a common one, especially for an SME. Amigo did not have a person dedicated full time to an information security role so was looking to automate and simplify the process as much as possible. There was limited knowledge of the ISO 27001 standard, and they recognised that a traditional consultancy-led approach can be expensive and would still leave them needing to build a structure for the ISMS and consider how to manage and evidence the required work processes.

Emmie Cooney, Operations Manager at Amigo said…

“We’re an agile organisation with a tech-savvy team which means we run a paperless office with all activity being cloud-based. To be successful we knew we needed technology to support our way of working and help us achieve our goals with limited disruption to business-as-usual.”

The ISMS.online Solution

Both Amigo and ISMS.online quickly identified the synergies between the two organisations and our ways of working. Amigo was delighted to discover a tried and tested cloud solution with a pragmatic approach to achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 certification.

We’re a busy team so we were happy to find there was a total ISMS solution that included frameworks, content, and tools, plus expert guidance within it. After all, our expertise is in marketing technology so we fully support the concept of ‘why build it yourself if someone else has already done it brilliantly!

In fact, using ISMS.online gave us the confidence, capability, and capacity to take a more DIY approach to ISO 27001”.

ISMS.online software for ISO 27001

Customer Profile

Amigo is a cloud-based marketing technology platform that turns your marketing ideas into brilliant digital experiences quickly and cost-effectively.

It is easy to implement, requires no ongoing IT resources and delivers results directly into Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Amigo works with your existing data and technology and allows you to implement new campaigns, learn fast and respond to new opportunities and challenges as they emerge.

Working with brands such as Hertz and IG Group, Amigo is agile marketing that allows marketers to focus on marketing and not technology.

The Journey

Amigo Technology’s team took to the platform immediately and with no training.

The structured approach in ISMS.online, together with their focus, led them to achieve ISO 27001 certification with very little invested time and no disruption to business-as-usual.

Great information security management is now deeply embedded in their business and maintaining the ISMS requires minimal ongoing effort.

Like Amigo, ISMS.online acts as a bridge to success. It takes you from a standing start to delivering a robust and sustainable ISMS in no time“.

Emmie Cooney – Amigo

Congratulations to our friends at Amigo on achieving their well-deserved
ISO 27001

Ready to achieve ISO 27001 certification fast?

If you, like Amigo, recognise the benefits of ISO 27001 and want a more DIY approach, discover ISMS.online

ISMS Online Rating: 5 out of 5
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