As Beryl are storing personal data acquired from customers using local bike share schemes, they wanted to demonstrate to customers and local government partners that they are committed to data privacy and security.

The Challenge for Beryl

Towards the end of 2018, Beryl Bikes began exploring technology solutions which would enable the process of achieving ISO 27001 certification, and more broadly demonstrate their ability to be GDPR compliant.

“As a newbie to ISO 27001 but with 10+ years experience in IT; dipping my toe into the compliance world quickly highlighted that we needed an Information Security Management System (ISMS) [but] to manually produce an ISMS worthy of a passable onsite audit was a daunting and potentially labour-intensive task.”

Sacha Manson-Smith – Head of Technology, Beryl

The Solution

Having had experience of working with an Information Governance Toolkit while working with the NHS, the recently appointed Head of Technology at Beryl, Sacha Manson-Smith, specifically wanted a solution to support the organisation’s journey towards ISO 27001 that required minimal time to be spent on coordinating, building and implementing an information security management system (ISMS).

Whilst researching solutions, Sacha was also exploring the option of recruiting Information Security Specialists to support him and the team in the process of working towards ISO 27001.

The Journey

Sacha’s team quickly got to grips with, finding the interface easy to navigate and the Virtual Coach invaluable for guidance on where to take action. They also found the Policy Packs framework perfect for managing and distributing HR for the company.

After weighing up the costs and benefits of recruitment, buying a toolkit or using a platform, was selected with the add-on of the Virtual Coach which provides instant access to videos, templates and checklists to guide the team through their ISO 27001 implementation.

The Beryl team now have all the support they need. The platform provides a lot of the specialist knowledge and competence that would otherwise have to resourced – enabling information security management to be ingrained in the organisation rather than simply a tick-box exercise.


Customer Profile

British urban cycling brand, Beryl, supply laser lights for the TFL Cycle Hire Scheme in London and many other major cities around the world. Beryl also operate dockless cycle schemes in several UK locations.

Users can hire a Beryl Bike through the Beryl app, then ride it anywhere in the operating zone for 5p per minute. Riders have a payment choice of Pay as you Ride (£1 unlock fee), Minute Bundles (no unlock fee) or a 24 hour Day Pass for £12.

Experience yourself with a personalised demonstration

Discover information security management in one powerful tool. Is Used By These Organisations gave us the structured frameworks, workspaces and tools, all provided pre-configured straight out of the box allowing us to get started straight away.

Franchere Chan

Information Security Lead, Dubber is a tremendous product that made the goal of ISO 27001 certification achievable.”

Richard Heald

Founder & CEO, Call Squad provides a logical framework, within a user-friendly UI.”

Dave Juby

InfoSec & Infrastructure Manager, CommonTime

“We are so pleased that we found this solution – it made everything fit together much more easily.”

Emma Cooper

Managing Director, Group Operations, System1 Group