Boomerang throws itself into for information security success

“You wouldn’t try and emulate Microsoft Office so why try and build our own solution to manage the ISMS if others could do the job.

It’s more than just great cloud software with everything we need for our ISMS in one place. The team behind it invested their time into understanding our business and our goals and put together a package of remote adoption support.”

Andy Allen – Operations Director, Boomerang


“We are delighted to be helping Boomerang achieve its ISO 27001 certification. Information Security is clearly growing in importance for all businesses in the supply chain but until now its been almost impossible for smaller organisations to get these credentials, ruling them out of winning new business. puts affordable and trusted information security practices within the reach of all organisations, from the smallest micro-business through to global enterprises and large supply chains.”

Mark Darby – CEO, Alliantist, the organisation behind

The Challenge for Boomerang

Boomerang was initially unfamiliar with ISO 27001 and exactly what would be involved in the route to certification.

As an SME with its resources focused on the day-to-day operation of the business, it was clear that whatever path it followed must be easy to use and be flexible enough to change as the company grew.

It was also important to ensure that the changes it needed to implement could be easily maintained and managed going forward.

Cost was also a factor, as was the ability to meet its desired deadlines. It didn’t have the time (or desire) to spend on developing its own system as it needed to concentrate on its core business.

The Solution

The package for small businesses was perfect for an organisation like Boomerang.

It combined the platform for information security management with actionable policies that it could adopt straight out of the box to give it a big head start.

This, combined with additional implementation support, means that Boomerang is staying focused and on track with the really practical guidance that we’ve made available.

Many smaller organisations rule out ISO 27001 as it is often seen as a costly and time-consuming option. And yet in doing so, they limit their ability to win valuable business that requires their supply chain to demonstrate compliance with their Information Security Management System.

That’s why created a specific package to help organisations like Boomerang achieve their goals cost-effectively.

Customer Profile

Boomerang Messaging provides automated digital communications over SMS, e-mail and voice, enabling management of time-critical alerts and notifications. Boomerang works with a range of customers and recognises the importance of demonstrating its information security credentials to them.

As such it has embarked on the route to ISO 27001: 2013, aiming for independent UKAS certification for its information security management system (ISMS). Having had a good look around at the various options, Boomerang quickly realised that was a clear choice.

The Journey

Boomerang is making speedy progress in its implementation and we look forward to reporting further on its journey with

The Boomerang is traditionally recognised as a great tool for hunters. With an independent information security certification, Boomerang Messaging will have another asset to its armoury for hunting in future.

Recognise the benefits of ISO 27001

If you, like Boomerang, recognise the benefits of ISO 27001 discover how can simplify your implementation and give you a cost-effective tool for the ongoing management of your ISMS

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