With decades of experience in IT but little with ISO 27001, CommonTime were looking for a solution to make the process as pain-free as possible.

““The platform provided a logical framework within a user-friendly web-based UI. In addition, the Virtual Coach, Policy Templates and Risk Bank provided an excellent step-off point to get the ball rolling with starting to fill the ISMS with content and understanding how to think and engage with security and risk management.”

Dave Juby – InfoSec and Infrastructure Manager, CommonTime

The Challenge for CommonTime

CommonTime began their search for a solution to achieving ISO 27001 certification by considering both manual toolkit and Information Security Management System (ISMS) software options. They quickly recognised the need for an ISMS to ensure a fail-proof system which not only works for them but also aligns with their customer expectations.

“As a newbie to ISO 27001 but with 10+ years experience in IT; dipping my toe into the compliance world quickly highlighted that we needed an Information Security Management System (ISMS) [but] to manually produce an ISMS worthy of a passable onsite audit was a daunting and potentially labour-intensive task.”

The ISMS.online Solution

In addition to the standard features of the online’s platform, as newbies to ISO 27001, CommonTime took the additional support provided by Virtual Coach, which guides users through their ISO 27001 journey with advisory step-by-step videos.

The ISMS.online risk bank provides users with access to 106 risks, common among most organisations, which can be adopted and adapted. Along with the policy templates, this gave CommonTime a huge head start with their certification.

“ISMS.online begins a user at 77% progress for ISO 27001 the minute they log on.”

CommonTime liked that ISMS.online also allows for easy document storage in one central, cloud-based platform to streamline document sharing and update management.

“After finding ISMS.online, I booked in for an initial demo and it was clear that the team was completely au fait with ISO 27001 which put me at ease from the get-go. We identified where the platform could also be integrated with other internal business processes such as GDPR and Business and Product Risk Management.”

Customer Profile

Founded in 1994 and backed by more than 20 years of experience, CommonTime is a market leader in mobile communications systems for the NHS and Emergency Services.

Their secure, smartphone and desktop based messaging apps can be used as a direct replacement for pager devices typically used in these sectors along with enabling intelligent user and group chat and custom integrations to radically improve the speed, quality of communications, and compliance.

The Journey

CommonTime achieved ISO 27001 certification within months with ease by using ISMS.online’s platform. Our virtual coach made it quick and simple for them to get certification within their desired time frame.

The ISMS.online platform gives CommonTime an in-depth understanding of how to think and engage with security and risk management, without having to employ additional expert resource. 

Recognise the benefits of ISO 27001

If you, like CommonTime Group, recognise the benefits of ISO 27001 discover how ISMS.online can simplify your implementation and give you a cost-effective tool for the ongoing management of your ISMS

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