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ISO 27001 certification requires an information security management system

There are numerous ways to develop an information security management system but the clue is in the word ‘system.’ The key to the sustainable and affordable success of the system is having a balance of people, knowledge and technology as described in our ISMS business case whitepaper.

ISO 27001 certification made easy

Since using, the challenges around version control, policy approval and policy sharing are a thing of the past. Our approach to risk and asset management with so many different owners has become a lot easier with everyone being able to contribute in one place.

Dean Fields
IT Director, NHS Professionals.

fa-bolt combines technology and knowledge for ensuring ISO 27001 success is more than a powerful technology platform that speeds ISO 27001 implementation and makes ongoing management of your ISMS much easier for your team. It comes pre-configured with practical workspaces and tools to make light work of the requirements.  In addition, it includes actionable ISO 27001 policies and controls documentation you can quickly adopt, adapt and add to as well, offering progress of up to 77% towards the standard, the minute you log on.

For newcomers to the international standard, an integrated Virtual Coach service guides you every step of the way.  Those in a hurry to their first ISO 27001 implementation can also use the Assured Results Method (ARM) for a fast and pragmatic route map. Platform

Our proven ISO 27001 UKAS certified technology solution with its comprehensive and ‘easy to use’ feature set gives you a pragmatic, disciplined and well-structured approach to achieving compliance and certification, then maintaining that easily thereafter. is also cloud-delivered with levels of information security assurance and support that few other vendors can achieve at this price point.  That along with the feature set are just a couple of the key ISMS software service characteristics you’d want in your ISMS.

ISO 27001 Policies and Controls

We’ve included actionable ISO 27001 policies & controls documentation along with tips, templates and frameworks that gets you up to 77% progress the minute you log on.  It is a huge head-start that saves valuable time and resource.  We don’t promise 100% because your business has unique parts to it that can’t be easily templated.

Unlike other ‘off the shelf’ documentation toolkits that promise much yet deliver little, documentation comes with the actual tools too. It is practical, comprehensive and simple to ‘Adopt, Adapt, and Add to’, then easily amend as the business needs change.

ISO 27001 Virtual Coach

If you’ve never done an ISO 27001 implementation before, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the requirements of the standard as there are a lot of them!  Stay focused and avoid wasting time with our Virtual Coach programme.

Working late, starting early, or over the weekend? The Virtual Coach is there, always on when and where you need it. The service includes videos, templates, checklists and guides for planning the implementation, meeting the core requirements of ISO 27001:2013/17 and all the Annex A controls.

Assured Results Method (ARM)

With so much to do for ISO 27001, there are many pitfalls to avoid and numerous potential pathways to success, although some cost more than others.  Following many years of successful implementations, we’ve pooled the knowledge of our talented staff, partners and customers to identify an approach that works well.

The Assured Results Method (ARM) offers a pragmatic path to ISO certification success for newcomers and those in a hurry to achieve better results without resorting to alternative expensive solutions. ARM is also built into the Virtual Coach programme.

The platform provided a logical framework within a user-friendly web-based UI. In addition, the Virtual Coach, Policy Templates and Risk Bank provided an excellent step-off point to get the ball rolling with starting to fill the ISMS with content and understanding how to think and engage with security and risk management.

Dave Juby
Infosec and Infrastructure Manager, Commontime.


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