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You can learn almost anything online nowadays, much of the time at little or no cost.  Part of the problem is that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and you can easily get poor advice as much as good guidance too.  Free rarely does mean free, and the opportunity cost can be high in areas of information security management. Some online eLearning providers propose guidance about cyber security that is now out of step with increasingly good cyber hygiene.  Take password best practices. It used to be that best practice was the frequent change of passwords whereas current guidance from NCSC is about keeping a strong password changed infrequently (unless it has been compromised).

Online eLearning for information security management, based training is a popular way of learning about ISO 27001.  This type of training comes in two general forms; seminar/webinar based and online courses. 

Online courses can offer the freedom to learn at your own pace. Being less restricted by a classroom environment provides the structure for a more independent method of learning.

Online seminars introduce the missing classroom environment from an online course, simulating the experience within a virtual space. This is where an alternative version of face-to-face training can exist. In similar fashion to an actual classroom, online seminars offer structured learning with the objective to learn about ISO 27001 and the ability to attend sessions from any suitable location.


What are some of the benefits of online eLearning training for ISO 27001? 

Benefits of online training for information security and ISO 27001 include:

  • Always on access when and where you want to learn
  • No cost of travel or unproductive downtime 
  • An ability to do the learning in bite size chunks to facilitate your learning style 
  • Lower cost for developing teams and broadening knowledge of information security management skills
  • Easy for course administrators to see what learning has taken place and by whom


What are some of the downsides from eLearning based training for ISO 27001? 

  • More emphasis on self directed learning and maintaining personal motivation 
  • Less interaction with others unless part of an online community too 
  • Much of the online learning, especially that at lower cost or free may be outdated unless the provider keeps updating the content 
  • Content is generally created for large broadcast general exposure so may not cover some of the specific challenges that a real tutor may be able to help around 

Whether you choose to look further for online ISO 27001 training or the physical classroom alternative, the underlying aim should be to ensure you are delivering the organisation goal.  That goal is likely to be around the implementation of ISO 27001 or its ongoing improvement. There are better ways to get that result whilst integrating personal learning and development into the actionable delivery of the organisation goal.

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