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Made it to G-Cloud 8? But are you attractive enough to win business?

UKAS accredited ISO 27001

Congratulations to all those who got on the latest G-Cloud 8 framework!

According to Gov.UK, it has attracted the highest number of new suppliers than any other previous iteration of the G-Cloud Framework.

G8 went live on the Digital Marketplace on 1st August so let the competition for new business begin!

Yes, the bad news is that making it on to G-Cloud 8 was the easy bit.

For those without even the basic security credentials such as Cyber Essentials, the more difficult bit will be winning business on it.

You see, rather than the framework managers whose objectives may be based on entry numbers and providing buyers with ‘choice’ and opportunities, you’ll actually be selling to security savvy buyers who have their own security processes to follow. They’ll be looking for assurance that you can adequately meet their security requirements.

Whilst you undoubtedly have sound information security processes, it’s more than likely that you’ll be amongst a dozen other providers offering similar products and services.

According to Gov.UK figures, the public sector now has access to 2,726 suppliers (90% of whom are SME’s) and over 26,000 services.

The importance of standing out as the most attractive is obvious.

ISO 27001 for G-Cloud

It’s a bit like those early school discos. Were you the one left on the sidelines? Not chosen to dance because you weren’t the ‘most blessed’ in the looks department or, maybe more humiliating, your Mum had bought you Tesco trainers rather than Nike.

It’s harsh, but first impressions do count!

Those smart buyers are looking to quickly arrive at their shortlist based on those most likely to deliver against their given criteria. And you can bet one of those is information_security”>information security. It would be a brave public servant who selected a supplier without taking this into consideration!

So, whilst it’s not a beauty pageant out there, to make your business the most attractive to buyers you’ll need your Digital Marketplace listing to demonstrate your commitment to information security.

At the very least there is an expectation of Cyber Essentials certification but, amongst a long list of hopefuls, the ones with a UKAS accredited ISO 27001 are the ones that will stand out.


Well, as we all know, beauty is only skin deep, there needs to be more going on below the surface. Certification is the quickest way to identify that your information security practices are more than just creative marketing speak.

Indeed, a UKAS accreditation, whilst arguably the most rigorous of assessments, demonstrates your information security management system is externally audited to ‘best-in-class’ standards. It’s why public sectors buyers will accept nothing less when it comes to ISO 27001.

If you’d like to maximise your new business potential on G-Cloud 8 with a Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001 certification,, will make it simple, fast and cost-effective.

Our UKAS accredited cloud software solution contains all the frameworks and tools for success and includes ISO 27001 policies to adopt, adapt or add to for a real head-start on your implementation.

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