Privacy Impact Assessments, Information Security & Project Management is available with prebuilt, proven templates that save you time. And it’s just as easy to start from scratch and build your own repeatable frameworks.

Set up projects in seconds

Work tends to have a beginning, middle and end, so fits the nature of project working really well. Whether you are releasing a new product, moving office, hiring someone or rolling out a new customer, they all have information security risks.

If you’re following GDPR, ISO 27001:2013 or NIST, you also need to demonstrate that your projects have information security ‘built in’. We have even written the policy for 6.1.5 of the standard, and we can make this available to you to save you the time. has simple, repeatable frameworks that allow you to focus on what you want to achieve, and spend less time worrying about how or where to do it. They have information security ‘nudges’ built in.

You can start your own project from scratch in seconds, use a pre-built framework, adapt a framework or clone a past project. Its all so easy you can just get on with the job in hand.

Get the work done your way

Easily breakdown and structure your project in the style that suits you and your team’s work.

Whether agile or more traditional planning, automatically presents a Status and offers insightful reports to help you make better decisions.

You can allocate owners for activities along with start and end dates to keep your project on track. The insightful graphs and graphics allow you to visualise your work in various forms of progress, and save time with automated reporting.

If you’re aiming to comply with GDPR, you will need to have Privacy Impact Assessments.

We have built a framework and a tool to make that easier for you to satisfy the regulators.

Collaborate internally & externally, anywhere, anytime

Simply invite team members to your projects and control their access permissions. This determines what they can and can’t do. lets you collaborate efficiently and effectively in a project environment with whoever you want to work with, internally and externally.

Access your projects 24/7 from any device, enabling you to work effectively and flexibly to suit your schedule. Working online with introduces opportunities to save money and time with new ways of working.

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