Need confidence in your supply chain?

Ensure suppliers and partners deliver their ISMS to better manage your risks

ISO 27001: 2013 has introduced greater demands for accredited organisations to demonstrate assurance of their supply chain.  This gives rise to two key questions:

  1. Is your ISMS effectively demonstrating coordination and control of your direct supply chain in terms of provider performance, contract and relationship management, as well as continuous improvement?
  2. What are you doing to help your suppliers and partners achieve then maintain ISO 27001: 2013, especially the small but important ones who will elevate your reputational and financial risks? has supply chain management modules and collaborative capability built in. Underpinned by our heritage in supplier and partner management we can help you address one or both of these points with relative ease.

Or find out how supply chain management can be integrated in to a wider solution for achieving ISO 27001 or improving your ISMS with our affordable packages.

“We can’t abdicate accountability of our suppliers’ performance, so let’s collaborate to assure Confidentiality, Integrity and Reliability of the whole supply chain”