System1 Group innovates towards achieving ISO 27001

Achieving ISO 27001 with cloud-based software solution

System1 Group knows a thing or two about how to achieve business advantage. The organisation also recognises the importance of information security internally, and in building trust with its customers. It has recently embarked on the journey to achieving ISO 27001. As the firm wants to get there quickly and cost effectively it has chosen pam (ISMS.Online) as the cloud platform to help accelerate implementation, and enable efficient in life management too.

Emma Cooper is a Senior Director of System1 Group. She said “as you would expect for an organisation that focuses on insights, communication and great design, we wanted a solution that epitomised our way of working without needing to build anything ourselves. pam offers us that.”

Sam Peters is Head of Operations at Alliantist and one of the team behind developing pam for ISO 27001, which is being released as the new solution ISMS.Online. He commented, “We are delighted to be working with System1 Group. More and more work involves collaboration, and information security clearly affects the whole business and its supply chain too. Organisations like System1 Group are more carefully considering the platform from which they build and deliver their ISMS. It’s no good just buying a set of policies from consultants, when the design and management of the system for in life operation is of major importance too. If you truly want to embed information security as a habit in your business and engage some or all of your people on the journey at low cost and risk, then we have a cracking solution.”

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