Classroom based ISO 27001 Training

Instead of, or alongside online eLearning for information security management, classroom based training is a popular way of learning about ISO 27001.

This physical form of classroom training can be delivered onsite, perhaps tailored for the specific host organisation.  Or it might be part of a generally available course where staff would attend alongside other organisations.

What are the benefits and downsides of classroom based training for ISO 27001?

There are a range of pros and cons for each type of training around ISO 27001.  Some of these boil down to personal, some are practical and others commercial. We all learn in different ways as well so consideration to that is important.

What are some of the benefits of classroom based training for ISO 27001?

  • Face to face engagement for more intimate understanding and real time feedback about information security issues
  • The course is usually led by an experienced information security professional
  • Working with colleagues in a physical setting to include the social needs and interaction
  • Learning from others who might interpret things differently and give rise to new insight about how to implement one or more ISO 27001 controls
  • Spending time out of the office on dedicated information security training without office distractions
  • Receiving a personalised certificate of completion and recognition that might add value on a CV

What are some of the downsides from classroom based training for ISO 27001?

  • Likely to be more expensive especially for training teams of people (and the cost of travel time and expenses drives that up further)
  • Structured content may not relate to the actual implementation of the ISMS in practice i.e. great in theory but needs too much translation for practice
  • Potential for disruptive or talkative students to compromise learning for others
  • Handouts and ‘tools’ are likely to be old fashioned spreadsheets and documents
  • Learning will be collapsed into an intense period meaning less flexible learning time and an inability to retain everything, leading to more cost later
  • One size fits all training may lead to a poor fit for some of the attendees who are more or less experienced than others
  • If a tutor does not keep up with good practice developments they will send you in the wrong direction; information security management is a fast moving area.  Sadly not all teachers and academics keep their material up to date.

Alliantist does not offer classroom based training for ISO 27001 but does have an alternative.  It delivers better outcomes in a more sustainable format that is fit for now and the future (at no additional cost) as your teams change and grow.  Our relevant services are summarised on the ISO 27001 Training page here. They include the ability to learn and develop at your own pace with Virtual Coach alongside our other knowledge materials right at the point you need to know something. Or get all the benefits of action learning from going to achieve ISO 27001 now.

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