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Using Clusters with

Video Transcript

Clusters is a really powerful feature inside the environment

You can Cluster any of your individual initiatives in the platform that you choose to and it’s a great way of seeing linked work in one place and enables you to retrieve it quickly.

Looking at the ISMS Cluster as an example, (you get one of these already pre-configured and set up for you!). On the left-hand side of the screen, all of the related work that you have drawn together is aggregated up. All of the Activities, the Track items, the To-dos across all of these areas are quite simply summed up and accessible to you all in one place.


Restricting and sharing with Clusters

Clusters are easy to build, simply set-up your team (administrators will be able to add and remove users and initiatives) and then add the initiatives you want to be seen in the Cluster. If you’ve added a user into that Cluster but they have not been teamed into one of its initiatives, they’ll simply see that initiative is Private. Clicking on a Private Initiative will simply prompt the user to seek permissions from the team administrator(s).

It’s really easy to add an existing Initiative, you simply search for a Framework or Project, click Add, and that gets added to our Cluster.


What you can do with a Cluster

The Cluster gives you ultimate flexibility to add in any linked work for visibility and speedy access. As an example, you might want to aggregate together your recruitment and hiring activity, induction activity, work around employee exits, etc. Great for managers and your HR team.

Or consider a broader supply chain management. Add in individual supplier Accounts that you are bringing together around, for an example, one of your solutions. You could also add in the Privacy Impact Assessment for that solution…the options are endless. 



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