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Using Groups in

Video Transcript

Using Groups in is probably the closest thing to generic collaboration that you will encounter. It has got all of the functionality that you will need for success. It’s simple sharing of information internally and externally. We use Groups in the platform with pre-configured setup Groups for things like Staff Communications, or Supplier Communications.

But you can create groups for anything, one-to-one working, or your own private area.


Let’s jump in and look at the foundation of a Group

If you are a customer you will have the rights to create new Groups and you can have as many as you want. Within a Group, you will see it contains all of the typical collaboration capabilities that you would expect from and goes beyond other file sharing tools on the market.

This is probably the most simple part of the platform. Work on this and everything else builds on top.


The Powerful Things you can do with Groups

Broadcast notes

Evidence what you have been doing. For example, you can quite simply capture the knowledge on the platform and demonstrate your audit trail around that by simply adding a Note. You can set notifications options so that people get notified about that through their email, or leave notifications unselected so that they simply see it in their Updates Feed.

Post discussions

Have a conversation and get the interaction going around whatever it is you are choosing to share information. It could even be things you are consulting your staff on, around potential changes to your ISMS. You can also drop documents into a Discussion.


The Tasking side of is very powerful. Task a colleague to get a certain review completed, evidence that they have accepted a change to your policies, or task them to complete an upgrade of an operating system – anything that relates to the work you want to get done.

If you’ve got a large team, simply type ‘team’, put the deadline date in and post the ‘To-do’. The individuals in that team will receive an email with a link back to the task where they can complete as necessary. They’ll also see it in their to-do listing on their Home Page. And all of the evidence and audit trail is captured inside your ISMS environment.

To add a team member, make sure they are already registered to use In different areas of the platform, you can have different role profiles and permissions.


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