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Using the Preparation Project for ISO 27001

Video Transcript

The Purpose of the Preparation Project

The idea of Virtual Coach is to give you an environment where you can explore and develop your understanding of information security, and the platform. It will help you to get yourself ready at a pace that you’d like to work, in order to get into the formal ISMS cluster, the policies and controls environment.


Working your way through the Activities

So you might just skim down a number of those preparatory Activities and see that you have already got some of these ticked off. These Activities you can mark as complete. There is no exam, test or anything like that around the use of this area, it’s purely there to help you and colleagues.


Working in a collaborative way with your ISMS

For example, if you are pretty strong on information_security”>information security, but you have got some colleagues working with you who are less well informed, then you might choose to task them to discuss elements of the policies. You can also point them towards things that you think might be quite useful for them to understand. This enables you to all move together at the pace that suits you.

So to recap, mark the Activities as complete when you’re done. If there is an element that does not apply to your organisation you can make that as not applicable and complete it. Remember, this is not related to the implementation of your ISMS from an auditor’s point of view. It is purely there to help you on your journey and move more quickly.


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